First outdoor grow questions

Hellow growing community! I am about to finish my second indoor hydro grow and thinking i should try to grow outside this summer since its right around the corner. Im totally new to growing ourdoor’s and am trying to figure out some things. I plan on growing 4 outside plants in 7gal cloth bags. 2 afghan fem and 2 gold leaf fem. im trying to grow them as big as i can. I read the outdoor growing guide but it never really was spacific on my location east coast near nh.

  1. When should i start the germination
  2. When should i switch to flower ?month?
  3. How long should i veg for to get a 6ft plant? And month?
  4. If i start them soon and move them into my tent how long should i veg them inside before taking them out much nutrence should i give them and when? Is there a sceduial? Im using liquid generial hydroponic
    Thanks nic

If your going to grow outside you wont need to worry about when to switch to flower. The plant will do it own its own. 7 gal bags are good to grow in outside. When to put them outside, after your last frost . When to start them. You should know when you expect your last frost. But with your lights and tent Id start them soon .

But if you want bigger you need to go bigger on your pot Good Luck


Why are you growing in pots outdoors? One of the biggest benefits is no root limitation. If u test the soil and it test right for growing why not plant in the ground? When I lived in a climate that had long enough seasons I would start germinating indoors (we had no frost) but if u do u want to start germinating around late April. Move them directly into the dirt at start of veg. I like to seedling mine indoors under a dome for humidity. Then you just water watch and if need be feed. I always used a finisher outdoors and misted my buds with water. Place them in a place that gets a lot of morning sun and has a breeze. If u r in a particularly hot place the breeze becomes imperative. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and u have little to do from there but watch and maybe correct some levels if the soil isn’t just perfect. Good luck outside is ideal.


I grow out door and do fabric pots because I feel more in control of what they grow in who knows whats in my dirt out back
It is an 80s track home. If I lived somewhere with decent native soil I would dig the holes and mix my soil and plant


Ya sometimes there are reasons u have to but the ground for sure is ideal. I use 6-7 gal indoors and I would use 10-20 outdoors. Kind of depends on the strain and how long you are going to veg. I feel the least amount of transplanting the better. Bad things can happen when u start messing with a plants environment. Some people transplant many times. Root bound plants show signs of all kinds of stuff when all they really need is space. Good luck

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Thanks guys for the info and feedback

Howdy! I am an outdoor grower and that’s all I’ve ever been. I am in a wheel chair so I use 5 gal. buckets and I have them up so I can work with them, lap level. I live on the West coast so things will be different. I like using the buckets for several reasons. No critters, I can control water intake, nute intake and of course it’s easier for me to move them if necessary. I grew 6 girls last year and I had one that went over 7’. Now I do not pinch as I believe in quality vs quantity, it’s just me and I am an ancient, however they were about 6’ around… From those 6 ladies I harvested 1 lb +, Never had to stake a branch, they went through winds, heat (109) and never missed a beat. I invite you to come see my grow journal ‘come grow with me by hcg.’ While you are there start a journal and let us see your beautiful gals! Here are a few pics of my set up.

The one in the back right was the 7’.

Space Terror

Space Terror further into grow.

Root system from 5 gal. bucket

The Harvest. The big jars are 1/2 gal and are 3/4 full, then 40 oz and 20 oz, trim in plastic containers.

All in a days work! Happy growing your happy plants!


Wow thats amazing! I willl def look at your grow jurinal! I could use the guide for sure!
Thanks for sharing

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@Happygogojuice Thank you! It was a lot of fun! Currently I have a winter grow, I’d say maybe 3/4 of the way done and have, you will laugh, 2 Afghani F and 2 Gold Leaf F and 2 Amnesia Haze F started for summer. I also have a little green house you might be interested it to get your seeds going. Here is a pic of it. I need to go now but will give you the details if you want. Best 50.00 I’ve spent!
A rare San Diego rainy day.

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Sorry it didn’t load the first time

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Well seems to me like i choose the right strains! I dont have any out door green houses but iv started to germ them right now but i have a grow tent so i was thinking moveing them in there when they are ready for a few months then move them when it gets warmer outside but im also growing 1 gold leaf dwc in my tent as well so hopefully it all pans out in time for that plant to be able to get its home back

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If I was you, I’d listen to @highcountrygal, she seems like she knows what is what. But, I plan on growing outdoor again this year and if you want monster plant, start now, you can vegg inside now then by the time you have last frost, you’re already halfway there to having monsters


Good job! I’m just starting out and using 5 gal. buckets outside also. Thank you for the info as I was worried about the hi temps. It gets to about 115 degrees where I’m at and I didn’t think they could survive that. Feel a little better now. Thank you!