First outdoor grow looks weird

Super skunk
Just adjusted ph and tds

This seedling was injured when she was a baby. She got cut in half. I covered her in aloe vera and transplanted her outside. She looks like she is flowering but not. Any ideas

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its hard to see close to the main stem. but it kind of looks like it might be a male plant.
Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 or @Ragnar can tell ya

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Hard to get a good pic

I think your plant is a female sure. But be carefully to don’t make it develops hermy flower.
The strange growth you can see with three blade fingers leaves and with small pistils are the typical growth of a Revegged plants. As you wrote previous post the plant when was seedling was indoor and for some reason it split or break and than you keep it outdoor. You give plant the way to early flower and because of increasing of daylight hours she stop and reveg. Please read monster crop tecnic. Your plant is a monster cropped one. You can obtain a very big plant with some lst… hope help you thanks