First outdoor grow in the High Desert!

It has been quite a long last few months. 2020 was a slap in the face to many of us but also allowed me to tackle my first outdoor grow. My biggest downfall this year… space! Our growing space was 12ft x 10ft in the back of our veggie garden. This filled up fast. Ceder bark was laid down as a natural bug repellent. Thw planta sat on a small gravle patch to allow for drainage. We obtained three gorrila Glues and one Elusive Soda. In the ground (50 gal grow bags) by June 8th. All water fed to plants were between 6.2-6.4ph including all teas ect.
Nutrients used all seasson were very minimle and used at about half the ratio. I would rather feed less than more.
We harvested two of the laddies this past weekend as our drying area is quite small. Hoping for about a 8+ day hang dry. Not quite sure thw weight we will get this year. Any ideas?

Im already planning next years grow. Looking at two Saphire OG and two Skunk #1 or original BlueBerry. Plan on increasing the garden area to 12ft x 32ft. Also plan to increase the size of our grow bags. Maybe 100gal. Good advice is my beatfriend so feel free to drop some knowledge. :wink:

Soil: Rocket Fuel by Rouge Soil.

Veg: Pacific Gro fish and crab.
Tea. Bio Live, worm castings in a large tea bag, cal-mag. 24-48hrs.

Flower: Pacific Gro fish and crab.
Tea. Bio Live, BudSwell, Molasses, cal-mag. 24-48hrs.

Pest provention: 6,000+ laddie bugs. One mantis.


very nice! love the oil heater. It does get cold out there if you are talking about the I.E. High desert.

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Beautiful plants…:cactus::lady_beetle:

Awsome grow👍 did you fim those plants they look great