First outdoor grow IlGM auto white widow

Have 3 IlGM white widow auto flowers, will be first 5 photos, can I top these babes and then transplant to outside soil, they been living outside for about 3 or 4 weeks in pots.
These are auto flower IlGM white widow stavia.
??? Can they be topped and just where would I trim them, maybe couple days after in ground.


I would say transplanting would be a great idea but not into the pebbles?

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No they will go into fertile garden with rest stuff , just have them outa site for today , while workers change out green propane tank, rule one do t tell no one , don’t get caught. Anyway


I would recommend not topping autos is flower. Their on a flowering timeline and could be shocked into a set back, transplanting this late is risky :love_you_gesture:

Sweet looking outdoor space :love_you_gesture:

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