First outdoor grow - help identifying pest?

Hello all.

Im new and have been reading a ton on the forums but ran into a few issues I could use some help with. (admittedly Ive made quite a few mistakes on this first grow, and probably should have asked questions earlier, but now Im just trying to see the whole grow through to the end as a continued learning experience)

I have an ILGM AK47 auto outdoor container grow going, and I have some sort of critter eating the leaves. I cant seem to find any traces of it when I look though. The only thing I see around the plants are some small flies that look like 1/2 scale house flies. Any ideas on this?

Also I have one plant indoor, that is the same strain but has its own issues. I noticed the other day that I think I was sunburning it, so I reduced the light and moved it up. But as I look now, the leaves a very dark and a bit glossy. The edges look like they are ever so slightly starting to curl up a bit. This particular plant was always a bit behind the rest, even at sprouting.

They are all in a mix of coco, perlite, compost, and organic soil.
The indoor plant is lit by a maxisun PB1000.
Im using GH maxi grow sparingly. (super low concentration, only every once in a while) (though I have since learned to only use bloom but didnt want to waste what I have)

This is a sign of excess nitrogen and can lead to nute burn if not managed properly.

Neem oil (use in veg only) or Capt. Jack’s can be used to treat for critters. Diatomaceous earth spread on the surface of the soil can treat some types of critters. Bugs can also be a symptom of overwatering.

It’s difficult to recommend specific treatments without understanding what kind of critter you are dealing with.

Thanks for the info. I’ll work on flushing the one that looks to have the toxicity.

For the pests, you are totally correct. Hard to provide suggestions when we don’t know what we are dealing with. I was hoping someone would recognize the ‘signs’ on the leaf. I haven’t been able to, but maybe someone has seen similar. Today half a leaf is missing with similar markings.

I’ll look into the neem oil, but will it stay put during rain? Or should I plan to reapply after rain?

On a side note, you mentioned overwatering, which may be a contributor as we have had the most ridiculous rainy summer this year. And the drainage in the outdoor pots is ok, but not as good as it could be. Thanks again for your help.
Anyone else have ideas?