First Outdoor Grow after years of layoff

Compost tea? :grin:

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Yeah, its insect frass @Mrcrabs, Alaska fish fertilizer high N, sugar, my own microbes, and Moonshine @fano_man.


If I didn’t already have too many strains to grow in 2 years I would add to my list. I will def. keep on my wish list. Thanks for the info. on W B.

After Foliate spray

Will spray Captain Jacks tonight as a preventative.


No insects frass is a nice way of saying insects poop


That’s right, I sometimes confuse the 2. Thank Ya.

Buds starting to form.

Looking good thanks to ILGM Forum support.

5 to 6 weeks left.


Mystery Auto one

Mystery Auto 2


In my best Foghorn Leghorn voice " you are absolutely, I say absolutely destroying it son"
Man @HTCMG , you’d think you were a reincarnated Indian showing the pilgrims how to farm. :sunglasses::+1:
They all look amazing farmer Joe!!!

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Thank Ya Thank Ya. I’ve been busy last couple a days but here’s a recent update of photos.

full show

Up close


Wow. That’s a beautiful garden :heart_eyes:


You can really tell ppl your growing parsley and oregano!!!

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I had to axe a Hermie, not sure where that came from but it’s a gonnar.

After the transition, the amount of water they take has fallen off significantly…

Thats kinda the idea, growing herbs using cannabis techniques is taking it to the next level. I’ll have lots of plants to sell at farmers market.

Thanks outside of God and my Family its what I really like doing. Like the name says “I Love Growing Marijuana.”

If you look close you can see ball sacks. Like in Ace Ventura. “Your Balls Are Showing”

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I trimmed things up and in the process found the Hermie. God works in mysterious ways.

I cut all large leaves from the middle of the plant and all the leaves not receiving light.

A Skunk Flower.

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Stretching for the sun.

weird lighting. They are a little lime green but not like the picture shows.

Now for the exponential growth.

So far just keep watering every other day with insects frass, alaska 0-10-10, bacteria, sugar and moonshine.

Not much smell yet. Can’t wait.