First outdoor grow 2018


This plant was started in late february, i vegged it indoors for about 3 weeks, topped it and then put it outside, i recently transplanted it into the ground yesterday i bought a couple different things to make my soil with, its already started trying to flower itself cause there may be close to 14 hours of daylight in florida at the moment. Its definately growing fast though thats a plus haha i figured it would try and flower i just wanted to have an outdoor project going with my indoor one, i mixed a mushroom compost soil builder with foxfarm ocean forest with a little bit of bone meal and blood meal. Just curious to try new products its all organic so it shouldnt be a problem 🖒😊 heres some pics

this picture was right after i topped it that following morning i put it outside, it was taken march28th april6thapril 14and these 2 are from today i transplanted it yesterday and its starting to get a little frost and here is a couple pics of my indoor ones they are 2 weeks into flower todayAll of them are bagseeds i wish i knew their true genetics, indoor ones are under a Marshydro 1600


That’s really cool that I’m starting to see more Florida growers here. There were just a few last year.

I’ll be around…


april23rd its liking its new home and this bigger plant was indoors until i spotted a sneaky little pollen sack/: i plucked it off and moved it away from my other indoor plant and its been doing its thing for a week or so outside, its been really windy here so ive had to put a cage around it cause it keeps getting blowed over. Overall its a good plant hermi or not :blush:cant forget my indoor one :v:


It is pretty, but I personally destroy any sign of male…


I concur with getting rid of hermaphrodite ASAP, but I prefer to harvest in the spring in Florida. My biannual harvest outdoor grow gets less attention from overhead. In addition, it’s the dry season & the temperature/humidity is much less than the fall harvest. In any case, you are getting it done!!!


Your Spring harvest is why I want an indoor mother room. We get a little colder here than you, so it’s pretty hard to carry one over the winter here.

I may just have to build a little greenhouse…


I want to build a mini green house so bad!! The only reason i havent gotten rid of the hermi is cause this is my first successful grow i should say, ive never gotten this far with it before but im happy with the plants even if one is a hermi :joy: its took me a while to get as far as i’ve come, i had a new sprout the other day but something ate it, my next grow after these ill buy some seeds off the website. All my plants are from bagseeds now that probably explains why i have a dyke plant haha


I don’t knock bag seed for homegrown. Some of my best harvest have come from bag seed I felt was worth keeping, knowing I could do it more justice.

I like knowing the strain so I know what to get and what to avoid. Beyond that, good smoke comes from a good grow and dry/cure…


I wish i knew their true genetics its makes me sad cause they are pretty :confused: and when you start your plants from seed outside around here how long do you think it will veg before it starts flowering? I put 5 seeds down yesterday i didnt germinate them or anything special i just threw them in some good soil and watered it. And in your opinion whats a good strain to grow around here? @FloridaSon


Any sativa should do well here. Flower time will depend on strain, but late October is the earliest I plan for harvest, into November on a sativa.


I don’t know the situation on how you obtained the Hermi Seed, but you are from Florida. Many metric tons of weed in the Black Market are purposely grown hermi, so when they dry it and stick it garbage compactor’s they gain weight on each Bail to sell. Seeds as you know are dense, so by growing hermies increases the profit margin to the expense of the dumb consumer. Things have changed in that respect, yet it was done regularly back in the day when in was mostly hermi bails, red bud bails, and gold bud. I am just throwing it out there.


FloridaSon, Harbor Freight sells cheap, yet effective one car garage aluminum bars with tarp that’s easily converted to do it in a cheap, but inconspicuous way of growing 2 crops, beating the cold, and staying incognito. Just a suggestion from a dummy, so disregard if I am being redundant. Good day


Would it be cheaper than doing the PVC hoop setup? I’ve been thinking about setting one of those up and giving that a go, but the aluminum frame would be much stronger if cheap enough.

Do you have humidity issues with that setup? Environment control is the main reason I don’t grow inside. If I have no control, it seems better to let nature control the chaos.


@FloridaSon would you have any clue why this plant leaves are starting too look like this? I dont think its started to veg again because there is new pistols everywhere and new ones still popping


They look good, so I’m not sure what has you concerned.


They just seemed to be growing kind of oddly shapped, okay thanks man! @FloridaSon


Is it the single segment leaves that have you concerned? If so, those are the bud leaves. The plant is wanting to flower, so less energy is used to make new leaves, which makes them generally smaller.


Okay thanks man i appreciate it i was kind of worried at first haha


Re: PVC vs Aluminum Frame in Outdoor grow in South Florida.
I premise this message as my usual introduction as a dummy/moron. I just read what you wrote to me probably weeks ago, so forgive my issues that cause me to come across metaphorically more flaky than a Case of Corn Flakes. If you have already solved the enclosure issue, then please stop reading the rest of the message. Using PVC to frame a small outdoor grow can work, but it has more drawbacks in many aspects. Furthermore, I will elaborate more in a moment on the negatives I have encountered constructing with PVC. Harbor Freight sells a small one car, emphasis on, “Small Car” Garage. They have sales quite often, and they monthly have 20% off any purhase over $75.00. I bought it for under $100, and look around the internet to find the type you like. In addition, easy to modify to your liking. It’s easy to install, and easier to disassemble for several reasons. The aluminum & polystyrene tarp type cover are very light in comparison. The framing does not flex under widy coditions. Over time it wears out your covering costing more out of pocket expenses & time. The metal joints slide on and off without fasteners. The only thing that needs anchoring is the four corners, and you only have to do is get long bolts. Money is an issue, so I use steel rebar instead to anchor. The directions are easy even for a putz like me. I like it because it lasts a long time, easy to assemble & disassemble for incoming bad weather, and it has everything in the box. In conclusion, If you have any questions, then feel free to ask anything. PVC cost adds up quickly, it’s very flexible, sizing tarps, tieing tarps, ect. add up to a big time & money pit. Hope this helps.


Lol…no concerns over sounding flaky. I’m not one of the fools that refuses to hear…