First Outdoor Greenhouse Grow


Ok so I finally got my greenhouse and set that up. So far I have moved one Northern Lights auto and one ATF photo inside. Still have to pot up another ATF and an AK47 auto too to put out there.
Just gonna tag a few peeps that I remember wanted to follow along @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971





Please tag me in @MattyBear


You got it @Rugar89! Thanks for following along!


@MattyBear that’s a pretty sweet setup brother. Thanks for the tag and I switched the setting to watching so I’m following along!


Looking good @MattyBear.
I’ll be following your grow.
We just moved ours outside on the same day!


I’m following as well.


Thanks for watching everyone! @North_East_Newbie that’s awesome! What strains are you growing outside?!


I’m growing white widow, bubblegum & gold leaf. Can’t wait for fall!


@North_East_Newbie did you start a journal? If so tag me! If not feel free to post progress here if you want! Happy growing :+1:


You’ve Been a busy boy looking good brother
I’ll be watching :+1::cowboy_hat_face::v:️ Happy growing CB


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. It’s not a big greenhouse but will do the job this year


How tall is it love the fact it has a top zipper window to let heat out :+1:


It’s 5’x3.5’x5.5’. I wanted a bigger one but the wife said it would take up too much of the yard lol. She smokes with me so she had to compromise haha


Hahahaha good deal
Once she smoke your premium bud she let you get a bigger one lol
Yard size will limit you for sure bro hahaha
I’m lucky to have the room I do
I have mine set up on back of property can’t see them from the house :+1:
Good luck with it and I’ll be filling along bro
Tell you what I’ve been loving my green house first year I’m using one as well
And with the cool temps we Been having and all the rain I have worried at all
Plants are dry and warm inside lol
The few hot days we had temps where super high in the green house but I have front and back doors with side window so o had plenty of air flow around plants
I scrog one of mine as well :+1:


I’ve been watching your threads @Countryboyjvd1971. I’m jealous haha. My wife encouraged the greenhouse, just not the one twice the size that I wanted. She loves my buds and can’t wait for my latest 2 autos I’m growing inside to finish up. My AK47 is getting close to harvest and is looking pretty decent :+1:


Nice tag me into yours when you get a chance bro I get lost with all the threads I follow so that’s the fastest way for me to find them again hahaha
Don’t be jealous you’re doing you thing bro and will grow great meds as well I’m sure of it
My wife wasn’t on board until o convinced her that we need the green houses for her vegetables lol once I said that she was all over it hahhahaha
She only smokes a couple times a year maybe lol :+1:
More for me :grin:


Haha I know I think I created a smoking monster with her! It used to be only me that smoked but now she smokes as much as I do lol. My biggest concern is a neighbors outside lights staying on at night. Hoping it doesn’t hermie my ATF photo bag seeds. I’m gonna germinate a few more autos today just in case and put them in the greenhouse too