First out door grow what is this on the leaves

I’m in the second week of veg. I’ve been having a small powder mildew problem sprayed it with neem oil and milk and it went away. Now I have these spots on my plants (not wpm) anyone know what it is? I just sprayed it with bts. I’m growing next one the west coast any tips?

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Hi there and welcome to your new happy place. @Hybridbjj . The first few leaves are sometimes wonky. You can also use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water for the mildew.
Get some Jack’s dead bug spray just in case.
Being outside is tempting for the pests. Do you have a plant net?


Thank you! No I don’t have any plant nets will they block any sunlight?

@Hybridbjj Welcome to Class! The solutions you’ve been foliar spraying may have caused those spots. Keep an eye on your new growth to see if they continue!! Good luck!! :+1:t2:


Welcome to the community ! overall I think the plant looks fine.

There are a few on here that use the nets