First organic mix and $10 soil mixer


good looking plants !! what wattage are your cfl’s ? :v: here are a couple pics of my flower and veg.


Looking good brother won’t be long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:They draw between 38-52 watts from the wall and claim 300watt equivalent with claims of 3100 lux ea. I use a 7 in to 1 socket adapter and hang 2 sets over each plant. I use a mix of 27k-65k on each. The T5 uses 8 54 watt tubes , draws 487? From the wall, it was rated at 40000 lux my meter says 48700 lux. Which idc about that stuff really I’ve used so many diff types of lighting that as long as it grows weed like it is I won’t buy another type. Now that’s my opinion based on my experience with many diff types of lighting and techniques of doing my lighting. Someone else will have a diff opinion and experience and I don’t want to step on anyone else’s opinion or expert advice on it.


EmojiEmojiEmoji, yes I get lost on all the scientific data about lighting but I also get educated by it. Knowledgeable people here with a genuine desire to help. DB is a good source for lighting information, he has the math. Been a big help for me in getting away from blurples and investing in a low cost high effiecency light source. Made a huge difference in my grow. Happy growing ~~


What ph tester do you recommend? Thanks


You pay what you get for here there is a post I made asking this question in the beginner section for prep.
Most people agree the ph20 pen got about 50$ is the best starter pen, anything cheaper and it’s not reliable. If your in Canada it costs about 70$ on amazon.