First organic mix and $10 soil mixer


Thank you very nice and one heck of a compliment coming from someone with your experience and abilities. I got the ideas from ILGM !! lol I wish you could look at my LST autos thread and tell me where I need improvement and what I’m doing wrong. Having 7 children 17gkids and older I can at times appear brash arrogant and hardheaded. It’s never my intention to do so but it sure helped with the kids lol. Thanks again


I’m in the DR. Its very very nice here. Lots of expats who smoke.


Cool. I’ve been to Belize. Some some time in Honduras. I’ve flown over the DR very lush and beautiful. Good ppl


Our country and for what i knew all neighbour countrys all use pig poo every availible field were all food grow. Every landowner who grow own crop use poo AS a fertilizer.
What kind a talk are that now? :roll_eyes:


Hey there ! Thanks for posting. Any manure may be used as a supplement to soil. The poo poop crap shirt doo-doo droppings mondo-dook etc must be treated prior to use, if not, it stands a 99.9% chance of containing harmful parasites as well as bacteria that can be transmitted to humans as well as dogs/cats. The plants themselves however, do not uptake these parasites or bacteria. It’s by handling the manure and using it in your soil prior to treatment to remove these harmful parasites and bacteria. All quality potting soil etc is treated to remove such things. It is only by chance that you are no one else in your post has contracted a parasite or bacteria from its untreated use. We aren’t condemning its use on the contrary, we are just advocating safe practices before using it. Some ppl can develope a tolerance for some bacteria over repeated exposure such as giardiasis which I’m not affected by and again that’s from repeated exposure from a young age nor do I get poison ivy or sumac etc again that’s due to exposure. Or like the bacteria found in fresh cows milk. Most folks would get deathly ill from drinking straight from a cow. I grew up drinking it and can still drink it today but someone not exposed to it from childhood will most likely die from the bacteria if help is not sought. So there are ppl that can develope a resistance to certain toxins like snake bites etc. I am sticking to treated manure if I choose to use it. Hope this helps you understand what we were discussing better. Thank you for your post.


Ok. Maybe i dont understand contect.
But yeah, I dont live in USA and dont know how business goes there, but really here we grow stuff on pig shite. Really. Not literally.

This year grow. Down you see cucumber. /there was radish and onion too. Several years ago i grew a 10 feet monster weed there, 3pounds/3month summers and only outdoor. AS much AS i remember we allways add to soil pigsh1t to fertilize land and grow own crop to eat.
But i think 7m out of contect…


Your good no worries here bro and your plants look awesome.


Thc bro. Ups. Thx* :grin: i love this supportive collective, nobody nags you if your mistaken.


By the way your garden looks great ! I’d like to see that girl when she flowers.


i had wondered about using the pig manure because I have 3 micro mini pigs but seeing the info about the parasites I def will not use the manure thank you for the info


Are you applying extra calcium and phosphorous to your kush plants. My OGK, requires upped doses of calcium and phosphorous along with Bergmans nute solutions…:v:


I did give them some kool bloom 2-32-52 ?? But it must not have been enough because they exhibited signs of a k deficiency throughout the grow. I’ll know better next time :man_student:t4:I just learned something new. Thanks I’ll pay attention
to that next time. :alien:


No problem and good luck with your grow…EmojiEmoji




How’s your garden doing ?


Lmao that’s funny I need one of those on the back of my helmet with the international single digit “greeting” for bad drivers lol Hey you ever have a plant with 17-19 fingers/leaflets on a fan leaf ?


great2 in flower ak47 and ogkush kush is in Lst because it got so tall both budding well with 2 weeks of flower left, I have 2 northern lights and 1 OGkush and 1 ak 47 in veg also all are doing well. How is your garden doing ?..Peace and happy growing !EmojiEmojiEmoji


can’t say that I have as yet, this is just my 2nd grow. you doing auto’s or fem ?


Both. I’ve got Gelato, Green Crack, Trainwreck and a Peyote Critical all photos. I started a thread (Gelato … Trainwreck) I’ve got 3 Pineapple Express autos 16 days from seed. This will be my 12th grow and I learn new things everyday. :alien:


This is what the organic soil mix I made has produced so far with my T5 and CFLs