First organic mix and $10 soil mixer


First organic mix. Please chime in and tell me how I can improve at my attempts to make plant nourishing ( 4 months minimum ) organic mix. Here goes it. Oh yep the mixer I got it at hardware store it’s a large paint mixer and adding a little of my mix at a time it does a fantastic job of thoroughly mixing it up. Anyone see where I can improve or suggestions please let me hear them. Thanks




I use manure with mine and the best one that i like to use is pig poop and and a hand shovel full for each 5 gallon pot i use alot of the same as you i don’t use lime unless my ph is low and then it is a top dressing.
I use one little hand shovel full for each cow and horse manure chicken and one for pig mixed with soil and 1 or 2 tablespoons layerd of blood meal and bone meal and some worm casting
Then when I transplant i use myconize in the hole layerd in my grow journal 6 strains of fun on here i took pictures of everything and each step except for the manure part i didn’t want to get it on my phone


Not sure if this is the correct area post but anyway. I live in the tropics and have access to ok soil, coconut husks and pig poop. How can I make descent soil and what might I need to import as nutrients? Thanks


Lol on the phone. That sounds like a rich mix of some truly organic stuff ! I’m glad it worked out well for you. What you included is what I’m hoping for that, we can share ideas on organic mixes and what has worked for each of us. In the end we all develop our own systems and methods according to time ability and means. It’s people that are willing to experiment with diff techniques diff soils lighting and the big boys with seed and strain propagation that sinsimelia has truly hit new heights in growing and strain development. I’m just a novice in it for medicinal purposes and learning all the time. Thanks for responding


Thanks for the post. I’m not sure I’m the guy with the answers for you. Organic soil mix should include soil and org additives to supplement the plant throughout its growth with the only addition of water preferably rain water. There is a thread here on ilgm on soil mixes and nutrients etc.


Thank you. Yes I’ve been studying and educating myself. A lot more than digging hole and dropping a seed


Ain’t that the truth. Much diff than an ordinary garden plant for sure. Mine are doing great in the mix I made with the exception of the Kush. Smh on that one. Next grow I’m going to try a couple diff mixes ?? With the same strain.


@garrigan65 has an amendment list for Coco that will get you growing
Before you know it.



This is a good reason not to use pig poop ok

Pig manure is an excellent fertilizer after composting when you consider
the nutrients and the ability to add organic material to the soil. However,
pigs share a fair number of intestinal parasites with humans and can pose a
health risk to those exposed to manure, fresh or composted

You should not use it as fertilizer because pig manure contains parasites
that are harmful to humans. It is used in commercial fertilizers but it has
been treated to remove bacteria and parasites. No one is sure how well this
process destroys parasites in the commercial variety and most people wont use it.

Pig manure is infested with disease and harmful bacteria. It could hurt you or
your pets if used in the garden. There are commercial application of pig manure
being used but it is processed to remove the potentially dangerous substances
before it is used.


Thank you for the information.


Your welcome … you really needed to know that …I have some awesome soil recipes if you ever need one ok ?


Garrigan is right on ! Not only does pig manure hold parasites but so does all other animal poop. Chicken contains parvum and listeria along with seeds but cow manure contains salmonella listeria round worm and hook worm. If it’s composted to at least 140temp you can safely use it but how do you get that uniform temp to kill parasites and bacteria ? Human waste is marketed under biosolids and at least one large dept store bags it and sells it. Most wouldn’t know it unless they read the entire label. Nearly all food contamination comes from the use of manure. When I plant outside I place a dead fish in each hole for my plant. My ancestors used them as fertilizer for thousand years. By the way the bags of compost and soil that get wet etc at local stores ? Those will contain bugs larvae etc. the bags are obviously open and bugs love dirt, especially rich dirt.


I copied your mix from another post. I have to order them from the US. Thank you very much.



Do we have a farmer here or what lol 1


Lol Not me man I usually brown thumb my garden or attempt to with my zealous nature and hardheadedness. My nueritismuliplex keeps me sitn’ and reading everything I can and then pretend to have smarts lmao


Cool bro. My only advice on that is include some diotamaceous earth for bugs and mix the organic nutes very very well. I’ve failed to do so in the past and ended up with hotspots and nute issues that could NOT be controlled and I wasted 2 6ft haze plants. We all copy and then develop what works best for us and our means. That’s how we arrived at all the different methods and new strains available now. Ppl willing to go outside the box and do it their way and then share with others. It’s &&&@ coooool


Great idea! Will keep you informed. Thanks again.


I’m giving you 5 thumbs up thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb


For sure keep us/me informed and let us know how it goes. Share what you can and what you learn. Definitely share with us. Tropics ? May I ask whereabouts ? No precise locale if unable to do so. I wish you the best at your endeavor. You’re going to do great.