First Organic Grow slow growth

On day 30 and have very slow growth
RH 50-55%

According to the moisture meter the bottom of the pots are saturated even though I haven’t given a full water yet. I have been keeping the top 1/3 moist but still growth is almost stalled. New LED at 80cm and 50%dimmed. Thoughts anyone?

You should move your watering system closet to the plant. About 2” from it. When they start to grow again, you could maybe them back out. They’re probably not getting enough water.

Moisture meters are inaccurate.

I don’t have the irrigation hooked up yet, still us a watering can. But I stuck my finger right down in the pot and it is moist/wet down below.

Have you been feeding anything? Or ph’ing the water/nutrients?

Completely Organic so no PH needed. Rainwater being used. No feeding as yet.

What does completely organic mean to you? We need to understand what your soil is. To me thats not what organic growing is. Are you using super soil? Fox farms? What is it made of? Organic growing requires that organisms need to be part of the soil cycle. Supersoils and Fox Farm soils do not require that, they are what is known as complete soils or built up soils. Organics are made from decomposition and decay.

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If you have oversaturated soil it can become anaerobic which will cause root rot and perhaps pithium etc. The best thing for small plants is to water very sparingly about an inch away in a circle around the plant. Let that dry out a bit and repeat only as needed. Cannabis does not like soggy soil.

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Chronic over watering, let the soil dry up really well before adding another drop of water, also get a digital ph pen and know the ph of your water and adjust as needed. You will need ph uo and down as well. And lose the idea that ph does not matter with organics, ph always matters.

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I live in Australia and am using a No till coots mix that I added a nutrient kit to then mixed that1:1;1 with Peats moss and perlite

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yes this is misleading, not saying it wont grow good weed, but it isnt organic soil, its built up from natural components. It does buffer fairly well but ( inputs ) such as organic matter and water need to be balanced somewhat. In other words, they are saying you can make it a living soil if you add stuff. Well you can do that with common garden soil. Did they say plant clover? Alfalfa? Vetch? Worms? Probably not because they use top dressing to ammend the soil. And thats ok, so long as we treat it the way it was intended and not expect it to be full of life! You can grow some great weed in that, ive seen guys use supersoil grow huge plants! It is actually better for indoor than living soil in my mind. Because you can end up with some issues doing living soils indoors, at least that stuff you can fortify.

I also have 3 different bags of compost tea kits for 3 different stages of the grow which I haven’t administered yet.

Hey bro, I know this threads a year old but I just came across it now. I’m from Oz as well and I’m actually using the same soil you used for this grow. It’s definitely a living organic soil and you shouldn’t need to worry too much about ph really. If anything I think your humidity was a bit low for the size of those plants, I think for the early stages 65-70% RH is easier on them. I also wouldn’t rely on moisture meters too much especially if they’re cheap ones. I noticed on one of your posts you said the light you’re using was new. In that situation I think the best thing to do is follow the manufacturers recommendations until you get a better feel for the light and the plants you’re growing.

But I’m interested in how your grow ended up going. Did things turn around? Were you happy with soil purchase in the end? Like I said I’m using the exact same soil so would be interested to hear your thoughts. That shit ain’t cheap considering it’s just soil (albeit very high quality stuff). The guy who runs OGS is super helpful if you have any questions, I think his name is Jay or something like that.

Peace. Happy growing

Welcome to the community @Treeganics the user hasn’t logged in since last year, so they may not read your message. Happy to have you on the forum though!