First Organic Grow . . . N deficiency right?

STRAIN: Blue Dream
MEDIUM: Super soil = FFOF, Neem seed, hydrocorn, kelp, superchar, worm castings and Top Dressed with Nature’s Pride veg
COMPOST TEA: Boogie Brew at late stages of veg
POTTING: 5 gal. “smart pots”
PH: 6.0
LIGHTING: Originated in 2X2 tent with 125 W CFL Agrobrite 18/6 cycle. Moved to SF 4000 LED in a 5X5 with exhaust and 2 oscillating fans 18/6 cycle
TEMP: 73-80 degrees
HUMIDITY: 45-60 %
WATER: 1 tbs Liquid Seaweed/gal + 5 ml Blackstrap Molasses/gal

You watering till run off ? What’s your runoff ph? Before you add anything check everything.

If that’s all we’ll and good And your growing organic you can look into adding Bone meal and epsom salt to give it that feed going into flower. But You just gave it tea Did you not add N to the tea?

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While you’re at it get a TDS of the runoff too: that’s N excess. Dark green, curl and taco’ing?

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“The claw”

I’m a new grower . . . first harvest. What is TDS? I’m not having much run off to test ph. I’m using 5 gallon smart pots and the last time I watered until it ran from the bottom, it took four to five days to dry out again. (I’m thinking the goal is to water every three days or so and if it is not dry by then, I’m watering too much).

I haven’t given tea yet . . . should I? How do I add Nitrogen to the tea?

If you don’t water till runoff you’ll have salt build up on the roots causing lockout. Do you have a fan? I use a 10 gal ceramic pot water till 10-20% runoff and I’m foot to water every 4-5 days which is fine. You wanna soak her and then let her dry so the roots can breath.

The short, runoff is important.

I wonder if that is what is happening then . . . I’ll water until run off from now on. I see clawing for certain with some taco.

I have a 10 inch oscillating fan inside. I didn’t know runoff was that big of a deal. Thanks man.

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Yeah sometimes it’s just the little things more than anything. Sometimes we all have to go back to “gardening 101” because we love so hard for these plants we try to over perfect and that too can cause issues.

Glad to help where I can