First of hopefully many grows!

So now that I’ve set up my tent as best I can with some help I decided it was time to start soaking some seeds. Last night I dropped 3 Maui Wowie and it just hit the 24 hour mark. So I made up some red solo cups with some miracle gro seed starter potting mix and placed the seeds about 1/2 in deep in the soil and lightly covered it and then misted. My temps and humidity can be seen on the gauge at 61% with the range of 56-77% and the temp at 77 with a range of 66-79. My lights are on and I have it set on an 18/6 schedule and I totally forgot to measure the height of the light but it’s turned all the way down with 2 qb288 boards. Tent is a 4x4 and I’m running a 6” a/c infinity exhaust fan and waiting on my filter yet but I’m still able to move air if needed. Now before I fall asleep do I leave the lights on or not worry about that until I see the sprout? Hoping that comes in the next 3-4 days at most but since I only soaked for 24 hours I’m not sure if it will take longer. I will be misting about 2-4 times a day (with distilled water) depending how humidity and the soil looks. Also with the humidity where it’s at do I dome them or can I let them be? @Jbum @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @WickedAle

My main grow will be with FFOF and using ff nutes for flower and I’m hoping to go from the red solo cup into their final home of 5gal fabric pots.

Anything I missed please let me know and I greatly appreciate any and all help along the journey!


Don’t worry about light until it’s sprouted. But it won’t necessarily hurt anything having them on. Good luck to you on your grow :call_me_hand:

I would dome until sprouted.


Yes, and keep the dome on for the first two weeks. Mist the inside of the dome. I use clear Solo cups for this purpose.


After the dome recommendation I went to town and got a few clear cups for them and gave them a misting and covered them up. Is this looking about right for the amount of water?


Perfect. Once they come up, depending on ambient humidity you can remove the dome with a small fan periodically to start them hardening off. I spritz the inside of the cups and every couple of days add a bit of R/O water to the media.


I agree, would’ve went with domes too. Good job!

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You can go like that. I prefer solo cup to 1 gal plastic to final container.

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Idk was hoping to minimize a second transplant to avoid extra stress and one less thing I could mess us on. Now if I look at it the other way would watering said one gal would be easier to control my waterings? Making it so I don’t over or under water ya know. Would I still water til runoff in the 5 gal vs the 1 gal?

You’d water til runoff on both sizes. Less water for the 1 gal.

So looking I just lightly brushed the top of the soil and seen this little guy. Hopefully I didn’t disrupt him to much. :confused: now with that being said… should I take the dome off or should I wait until tomorrow maybe and just let him be overnight? @Myfriendis410 @Jbum @dbrn32

I would leave dome on for little while

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So domes are on and I just peaked and seen all three are peaking up but my temp is a little cool around 67 degrees so should I maybe add a heat lamp or something like that to bring it up?

Seeds went in the soil around 11pm 3 days ago and they are all up. I have sprayed the domes and the lights have come on for the 16/8 cycle and they all seem like they are laying to the side a little. Hopefully they will straighten up and stand tall. Lights are at roughly 30” all the way down.


So is this normal stretch or is it time to uncover these guys or lower the light? @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Jbum

I wouldn’t quite yet. But if they continue to stretch lower it a few inches.

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I keep mine covered for a few days at least. Also be sure not to over water just spritz around the edge of the cup.

So checked on the babies tonight and with the lights on about 11 hours today this is where I’m at under domes. I’m guessing these are stretching just a tad? @dbrn32 @Drinkslinger @Jbum


Why only 11 hours of light?

Lower your lights. They’re stretching for it.

You can bury them deeper when you transplant, but you don’t want much more stretch.


Checked them this morning before the lights shut off. @Drinkslinger I have the lights on 18/6 and when I took the pic the light was on for 11 of the 18 hours for the day.