First marijuana coco grow


I flushed my coco grows about once every 3 weeks. Using something like Sledgehammer might be helpful too.

Later in flower I was doing feed water feed water daily. You’ll have to watch the plants to see how they respond.


Update. I’m getting excited!!!
Hope by my birthday in April!!!


Getting ready to harvest!!! Flush for next week and then cut, dry and cure. Then SMOKE!!


Looking frosty!

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So now that you’re at the end, how do you feel about coco?

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@muffybunny. Coco is the Only way to go!! For me at least. Very little chance of over watering and you have complete control of what nutrients your plant gets. It is time consuming though. You have to feed and check your plants every day. I have heard that something like super soil you only have to water when it gets dry and do not have to add nutrients. May be something I try in the future. Will be cutting my plants tomorrow to start the drying process. Will post pictures. Thanks


I’m a coco grower and I keep hearing things about ProMix BX as a better alternative: ph to 6.5, better moisture retention, no salt buildup etc.

@Countryboyjvd1971 uses it.


@Myfriendis410 @Hippieheart
I’m currently using Promix Bx in a water only grow. So far, things have gone very well.

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My first grow has been cut and hanging to dry. I planted 2 white widow autos on dec 31 and harvested on March 30. 12 weeks almost to the day. Fairly happy with the outcome. They are now hanging to dry and waiting to be put in jars. The plant below was the one plant I fimed .


Looks like some fire man!!
Great job😎


Congratulations on making it to the finish line on your first grow. Great job.


It looks like you did everything right! Nice to have the grow hanging, isn’t it?


My grow has been hanging to dry for 7 days. They feel really dry but the small twigs do not break off when bent. They do bend 90^ at the point were I bend them. Are they suspose to break clean off when bent? Or just kind of snap but not break off.
@Donaldj @3high5you @raustin @MattyBear @Nug-bug


I wait till they snap and break clean off.


As long as they snap , that’s what I wait for. I don’t wait for them to snap clean off.
If it is still plyable enough to bend a 90 then imho might wait another day.
Or go to the paper bag

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Your buds feel really dry now but wait until you get them in jars. You’ll be surprised at how moist they feel after a day. It takes a couple weeks of burping to get them evenly dried throughout.

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Best to wait till they snap and dont bent as the others mentioned
Theres alot of moisture in center of the buds still :wink:
One in jars burp twice a day for at least 15-20 minuets

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Dryed and transfer to jars today. Ended up with just over 3 oz dry. I’m happy with this from 2 autos on my first grow. Thanks everyone for your help.


well done @Hippieheart


Dried, cured and sweet smoke