First marijuana coco grow


White widow auto
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Na
What is strength of nutrient mix? Na
Indoor 4x4x60
Light; king 1000 led
Temps; Na
Humidity; Na
Ventilation system; Yes
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no

This will be my first marijuana grow since the late 1970s. I do have experience with coco though. For the last 10 years I have grown 1000 tomato plant a year in my greenhouse using coco. So I hope some of my knowledge of growing in coco will come in handy.
I have set my tent up and hung the light. Fans filters pots ect will be in tomorrow.
I have germinated two seeds. Put both seeds in water for 24 hours. Seed #1 cracked and I planted in rapid router. This seed is up and has first true leaves. Seed #2 had not cracked after 24 hours so I put in in moist paper towel in a plastic bag for an additional 24 hours. Today that seed had a 1/4 tail so I planted it in rapid router both seeds are under t5 set at 5 inches above seed #1.

Seedling low humidity

Welcome to the forums, @Hippieheart! Sounds like you’ve got a great start. Enjoy growing these “special tomatoes” :joy:


@Hippieheart looks like a good start. I’m in coco too and working through the learning curve

Check out @Myfriendis410 coco grow journal My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails

It’s long but has some good stuff


Welcome! I also grow in coco.


Good luck, welcome to the forum. If you have any questions, just ask. Someone will surely be able to help you. Happy growing✌


Thanks silenthippie. Even though I’m over 62 years old , In my heart I will always be that 19 year old with long hair and beard. I never knew how good MJ could be until I got ahold of a K of Panama Red down in south Texas in 1979. Great memories! Wish I could find some old strain Pan Red seed.


Welcome to the forum! This is the best group of people you will ever interact with online.

I’m a coco grower too and love the results. I try to do a 4 month grow which yields 8 to 12 ounces per plant. I’m still playing so this grow is getting FF products for the flowering stage just to see how they do.


Thanks. I hope I can get anywhere near your results!


Thanks. I hope the “special tomatoes” smoke better than the regular tomatoes! LOL. PS (do NOT smoke tomato leaves. They are poisonous!)


Welcome @Hippieheart. I’m growing in coco this round too! Best of luck :+1:


Doing good!


I love the special tomato strain it’s wonderful (yet poisonous to smoke) the tomato plant leaves that is haha! ya have a nice tail and great sprout there sir good job I’ll be following the leader :+1::sunglasses:


Thanks. I welcome any helpful comments and suggestions for my “special tomato strain” lol


Updated pictures. Anyone see anything that needs to be done? Second picture is first seed germinated on 1/1/18
First picture is seed germinated on 1/2/18




Having a problem with humidity. Today humidity was at 18%. I checked it on several meters and they all showed the same humidity. I hung some plastic around the tray to try to increase humidity and by the time I left it was up to 29%. Anybody have any suggestions on how to stabilize the humidity?


you’re already doing what you need by covering them to hold humidity


This morning the humidity was back down to 16%. The meter did show a high of 38%. Any suggestions oh how to hold the higher humidity?
I did leave space around the bottom to allow fresh air to enter. Should I make a tighter seal to hold more of the humidity?


is there water in tray under pots? if you add some water and raise pots slightly out of it the rh would raise as water evaporated


I put about 1/4 inch of water in tray in afternoon and by morning it is gone. I will increase the amount of water in bottom of tray and raise the plants to keep them out of the extra water