First Lst tie down

Hello how does this look family accepting all opinions want to learn. What should i do with those huge leaves 4 week old gg4


I would leave them alone for now as the plant isn’t that big and it needs leaves to make the sugars the plant needs. That said, you will probably need to cut them off at some point, but not yet.

The purpose of LST is generally to increase airflow and light penetration, none of which is an issue for the plant yet. LST for LST sake does not help the plant.

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Good guestion. Ill be watching the responses you receive! Training is something im currently researching too.

I only did three of the girls you think its ok if i just observe and see how they react to it or cut them loose now.

I think you did a great job, look at all those exposed bud sites :+1: only time you really need to remove leaves is if they are completely covering bud sites, all your tops are exposed, they’ll turn up to the light in no time. As they grow you can keep pulling the tall branches down, this will keep your canopy nice and even, and create a nice bushy plant.

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At worst you’ll slow it down. You won’t kill it just by LST.

It sorta looks like you attempted a FIM on that plant too. I would wait for that to recover a little
More before bending.

You’ll know if it’s not a good bend or too soon as it will stall the growth. If you don’t see the main stem continuing to elongate take the tie off and let it get its mojo back. When I’ve got a plant really loving LST and vegging well I’m moving the ties every day or two to keep up with the new growth… like tie down a growing shoot and wait for the head to grow out and up by a couple inches and then tip it back down again.

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I wouldn’t take fan leaves unless they are blocking light to future bud sights, are already being eaten by plant or to lollipop around mid flower. For now they are absorbing most of the plants photosynthetic energy. Would only hinder the plant to remove them now.

Not sure your medium, but if soil I’d back off the water a bit. Swelling/rounding in the leaves and droop from center (like heavy). Are early signs of over watering.

Thanks guys i value everybody advice and opinions. I will analyze them all and take them all in consideration. And somehow find what i can do best with trial and hopefully not to much error. Hey and you where spot on about that failed fim attempt.

I just fixed the ladies up a little more i think they like it but we know how women like to change there outfits and look there best fingers crossed.

Looks good. Now the hardest part… leave it alone for a couple days before adjusting anything.

Got u im going to lock the room door from the inside so i cant get in😁