First LST - nervous

3 weeks since emergence.

Was nervous doing my initial LST. I was afraid of snapping something off or pulling the root out. Tied the stalk base off to the side first to reduce that 2nd risk. You all make it look so easy…but it’s not.haha

Is this adequate for Round 1?


To redirect the growth from the apical stem to other parts, it needs to be level or lower than the other growth points that you want to grow more / faster. Now that stem is bent, wiggle it a bit more and take it down another notch. When you do this, move the tie down a bit so it isn’t impeding that growth tip.
You are on your way. Well done.
Sometimes I make little hooks from Rapid Clip Soft Ties to grab the stem. It works great for the anchor tie too.

I find these bent wire staples makes this LST stuff a lot easier to set and adjust


I’ve cut up and bent old wire clothes hangars for these before.

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Good info. Looks like i need to work it a little more. Thanks


Yes, this is exactly right. Anyone can tell you how to do this and that, only true way is by doing it yourself and learning from your mistakes :+1: at least this is what I’ve found lol


Those are made from 12 or 14 gauge electric fence wire. When you buy 1/4 mile spools you end up with quite a bit leftover. I used if for grape arbor trellises and around the garden.


Update: Well crap, crap and triple crap

I broke the son of a gun off!

I want too far.

Get it in some water, you have time to get it to root. Check what I’m in the process of with a young auto for a Single spire.

Ok I just did! I have some clone gel that I can dip it into also


Hey that’s okay. got a nice top out of it!

I have pinched my stalks so the fibers are soft and pliable before trying to bend for LST - I started doing that after snapping a few branches myself.

Make sure you’re bending between nodes. Since they’ll always break on a node (yours broke on a node). I prefer the clips. Can hook and roll.

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The remaining accidentally topped one looking better after just 3 days(upload://b1MSNfFmIbPi4FOkaDHyMNREqYr.jpeg)

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