First lst attempt

After reading and watching several videos, and reading some more, decided to try some lst on my 3 week old NL auto. Did I do it correctly to start with, and how should I continue from here on out. I’m in a 4 foot tent and worried that vertical space may become an issue later on in grow.


Nice job on your first attempt at LST! You can train her to grow the direction you want by continuing to bend her.


Once she starts hardening off, you’ll want to stop training. Happy growing!


Thanks @mattybear!:v:


Your doing good! They will really take to being pulled over at that age. Their will to stand up is unreal .


Your going to enjoy the training
Good advice given by @MattyBear on the hardening off :wink:

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There’s a couple YouTube videos I saw on LST where they really crank on their plants to train them. I know I’m way more gentle and its amazing how resilient they are. Looking good. @JDS1972


Tomorrow is watering for the girls. Gave 1/4 strength nutes to the one in training last time, and she seemed to take it fine. Should I water with pH water or nutes?

How long ago was last time? I wouldn’t feed any more than twice a week, even at 1/4 strength.

Four days ago today

I suppose you could feed again if you really want to, but it would be ok if you didn’t also. Lol, that sounded decisive! At 1/4 strength it should be just fine.

Maybe give her a pH water drink tomorrow and increase nutes a tad on the watering after that? She’s 24 days old today. What do ya think? Is she keeping pace? I’ve seen some threads here where NL autos have gone 100 days to maturity. Maybe I have one of those, a marathon runner huh?

She certainly looks good, so whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. Personally, I like to feed only once a week, but at the 1/4 strength I think you can do twice a week. Are you thinking of increasing to half strength? At 24 days I’m not sure she needs that much yet. I think I’d stick to the quarter strength twice a week.

I’m using ff grow big, and they recommend 1 to 3 tsp per gal, so I mixed 3/4 tsp per gal to get 1/4 strength from that full dose of 3. Maybe try 1 or 1 1/4 tsp next time. That’s what they say for general feed

Ahh, ok, I use that too. If you’re following the FF schedule, then you can go up to half strength, but the full strength is not necessary and could even cause nutes burn.

Ya, may water plain tomorrow, then bump up to half next time, eh?

Yes, good plan. And i would go to a once a week feeding - water, water, feed schedule.

Thanks, talk at ya later

Three days later, good veg growth


After 1 week of lst and half strength nutes 2 days ago, couldn’t believe the branch growth!!