First Legit Setup

Hi guys,
Just switched an indica dominant strain over day before yesterday. Shes 8 inches tall, but wide as she is tall. Its getting 12/12 with total darkness. 2 36 inch T12. Bulbs and three CFL for one plant seems to be the right combo. Organic ferts helped her a lot as she was browning too young on the bottom leaves but its fixed now. I know she will lose those first leaves (single/triple finger) but it scared me at first. Anyways i read the thread about gps pics and i need to fly as low as possible, but still seeking some pro advice, so I would happily send pics as lo g as i know they are safe. Ive been researching for a while, but years ago i had no idea what i was doing, but now i am very confident as I am doing a small SOG grow next. Any advice would be tremendous. Look forward to hearing from you guys.


Also, this plant has these very weird orb like balls that go from green to almost clear on the lower branches. This seems to be a mutation because its def not male and these “orbs” are unlike I have ever seen, much larger than what a male would produce and nothing like a male in any way. Males are kinda leafy looking at first and they arw tiny, not perfectly shapin balls but this are very strange and I am curios as if anybody else has seen this? The top has a few calax’s with no pistils yet but I think it may have to do with stress earlier in its life and may be sapping and its still under the surface of the plant. Now that I think of it thats exactly what it looks like…a smooth perfectly roumd drop of water but its green, but still opaque enough to see through and the very bottom ones are almost clear??? Hmmmm idk buts it got me.


Welcome to ILGM,
Your going to want to switch your light for vegging
Vegetative growth
You need a bulb that emits light from the blue end of the spectrum as it imitates the midday sun of summer. The recommended light will be 6500k.

Compact fluorescent lights or CFLs are similar to standard fluorescent tubes, but are smaller in size and boast increased power. They are available in both daylight (6500k) and warm/soft light (2700k) and generate very little heat so are ideal for smaller grow spaces.

Best practice advice:
If you’re using CFL’s as your weed grow lights, you are better using more, lower wattage bulbs to spread the light around the plant. You will need to keep CFLs close to your plant as they a have poor light brilliance. Increase your light coverage and penetration by hanging lights around the side of the plant.

20,000 hours

What are the Costs?
$40 for a 100watt bulb.

-Good for small grow spaces.
-Low running cost.
-Do not require ballast.
-You can get them from home depot.

-Not suitable for larger grows.
-Lack penetrative power so need to be kept close.

Hope this helps

Got me to…lol gota research this !


On the GPS thing, I remember Robert had a post on this and mentioned looking into setting the forum up so it automatically stripped out EXIF metadata (the GPS info) when you uploaded pics. Any word on whether or not that got taken care of?

I turn off GPS on my phone AND my camera. That way, if I’m using the map app and need to turn GPS on for the phone, I’m still covered in case I forget and accidentally snap some pics and post with phone GPS on, because the camera app GPS is off.


Just got a new LED daylight sboplight at 5000k. As you can see I have a few dec3nt size cfls on her as well. I also have a small T8 here as well but n3ed to hang it up soon. Now as far as vegging the high kelvin output is good, but I have seen many times where the warmer light of of lower kelvin bulbs mimmick the red light in the shorter light period day? I plan on tripling the LED light output for the 6 plant sog and grow and doubling and raising wattage of the cfls. I have not painted everything white but going to before i start the sog.
Back to Jane Doe, the small orbs seems to be a rare occurrence as I have only found one other incident and it turned out fine in the end…genetic mutation i am guessing. Do you guys think this is good for the one? The LED light iz way brighter than the T12 and she responded well to them and there isnt a spot where light dont touch her…hers a pic of the orbs.


I did as you suggested and feel much morebat ease about it. I am a low profile kinda guy, dont converse with many people at all, just an old veteran that wants to grow his own, not for sale or anything like that. Which by all means if I could grow once my region has got on board with the medical cannibis I would consider growing to help the demand, but really just hate paying the prices and dealing with people. Not to sound anti people or anything, I just stick to myself and work. Just wanted to properly introduce myself and my intent a bit more. Just got my new seeds from a reliable source and expect a good germ process. The light setup has improved since the last pic. I am adding some red leds for this single plant along with the other lights. She is growing well all around the plant. Large star with many sub branches all getting a good amount of bright and red/yellow range and multiplying like crazy. It stopped at 7 leaves but it had a few sixers in there as well. I think I am going to go mostly led lights with the cfls hung low and all along the side, as I have just enough room to do it, while having access at same time.
Ive read so much in these forums and others as well, great information to know. So ive decided to make a journal of everything i do.



Anti people is bad!?!?

Actually that is one of the main reasons I smoke. Very antisocial. I grow to avoid getting mad at someone for charging an outrageous amount for a product that is inferior to my own and look at me like “Man, that’s the fire!”

First I would like to say, that is a very clear picture. Nice job. About your “orbs”, I know very little botany, but it almost looks like the branch is preparing to reinforce it’s position on the stalk.

I only offer the thought because I wanted to comment on the picture. It’s all I could think of since its doesn’t look like it’s trying to show sex.


Okay, still not sure about the orbs but it appears to be no problem. Its official, Jane is a girl and her first pistil emerged last night, but there is a weird little calyx on one branch and could be a hermie but maybe not. Ordered some seeds from True North and got them quickly, I hit up the promo Canuk seeds and germed them in a humidity dome…3 days later I have a %100 return and already some jagged first leaves…i have to say I am pleased with my purchase and I even recieved 2 freebies. I will let you know how it goes everyone!


I began growing because didn’t want to deal with hassle of finding it here. Don’t want to hang out with folks etc.


Hey all,
My plants arw doing great…All of the plants are doing terrific except for cheese, she started her life with a magnesium deficiency i think but shes fine now, just a bit smaller than her siblings. Anyways It was 3 weeks yesterday and boy are they thriving. Plenty of light, air, water, and food. They range from about 2 1/2 to 4-5 inches tall but most are well over 7 to 8 inches wide! Amazing and beautiful! Where they dont need to stretch anywhere for light they are really taking it in. Not sure if i will SOG or SCROG them yet…depends since some will flower well before others.
Jane doe in the picture s was my first major indoor attempt and after getting the PH to a good level she has flourished. Although plant thays about 12 inches tall she had over 16 bud sights ans ibtrimmed some of the lower ones off so she can focus on her top buds. Looks great! She was a hermie butbi pinched off the male parts with tweezers and ibe seen no more other than the 3 i pinched, so thats interesting me, I will post pics after work today gents. Thanks

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