First Legal Recreational Grow - Canada Eh!?

Hi all. I have been researching and reading for sometime now. I have decided to do my first LED grow. I’ve chose a small tent to keep things low key. We are allowed 4 recreational plants per household here in Canada but I was going to stick with 2 for now.

Shopping List

Light - KingBrite QB288 3500k with 660nm Cree deep red

Tent - VIVIOSUN 36”x20”x62”

Venting - VIVOSUN 4’’ 195CM fan - VIVOSUN 4’’ Carbon filter - 4’’ Vent Ducting

Plant Supplies
General Hydroponics FloraTrio
Rapid rooter for seed starters
Pro-Mix HP
Smart Pot 5Gal

Other Supplies -
LED glasses
PH Tester
Trellis netting

The Space

I am choosing to grow in my basement. There is a window near buy for venting if need be. I have been running the lights and fan for the past day along with watering my pots (no seedlings yet). I am trying to figure out what the temps and humidity will be. So far while lights are on I’m within good ranges, once light are out my humidity spikes to about 80%. I am going to get a dehumidifier for the basement tonight and I think this will help.

There she be in all her glory!


I went with Quebec Cannabis Seeds. I haven’t seen many people reviewing them but the selection was huge and pricing was decent.

I am currently germinating Grand Daddy Purple and Purple Kush.

The flowering time seems relatively the same so I figured they would work well together.

My Research

Please provide any feedback or more info where you can.
So based on all the readings I have been doing I have come up its this list of essentials for an ideal grow. Please let me know if my numbers are off or if I am missing something.

Tent temp - between 68-70
Flowering humidity - below 50%
Veg Humidity - 50-70%
Ph - 6-6.5

QB Light Height - 18-24’’ above canopy
Netting - 30-60cm(12-24in) above plant base

Veg lighting - 24hrs. Can add 6 of dark (18/6)
Flower lighting - 12 / 12 light dark

Vegetative 4-10 weeks
Flowering - 2-3 months

Water with lights are on
Keep water inside tent to not shock plants with temp difference.


Looking good! I would add a tds meter to your list. And for ph, I believe promix recommends a ph of 5.5-6.0

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Ive seen people growing great weed in promix. And they let ph drip from 5.8-6.3. Ik its kinda the higher then manufacturing recommendation. But it works. Also im here and watching. Excellent CLEAN setup. I envy how neat everything is

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Took the carbon filter off until I start smelling something.

I added a bit of ducting on the bottom to allow for air flow. Put two small 6” fans inside as well.

Grand Daddy Purple has sprouted. She is current in the tent.

Still waiting too see Purple Kush come up.


Looking good!

I see life!!!

Don’t use that rapid rooter garbage for clones

It’s horrible!

Look up diy bubbler system for clones. @Jbum or @Mrcrabs crabs did a nice one on here a few weeks ago.

You can then take that clone and transfer it into dwc or soil

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Super easy @Jbum I’ve passed on the thrown, the new clone king :crown:

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Haha like I say @Mrcrabs I try to follow your footsteps but being a crab and all you have a chit ton to follow!!!

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Don’t worry just do the crab walk my friend, you be alright

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Crab walk watermelon crawl just get my arse there right!!! :sunglasses:

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Had to figure out a drainage solution for the pots, didn’t want them sitting in the runoff. Wife says I’m not allow to spend any more on this first grow so I had to improvise.

It’s a mini ironing board… :man_facepalming:

Any suggestions on lowering PH naturally? Outside of buying Ph down solution. I’m sitting about 7.5

Totally wanted to deleted my previous post of my pathetic excuse for a drain setup. But my wife is great.

Wife says no more spending.

My wife is top notch. A non smoker.

She went and bought me some Ph Up and Down because our Water is pretty hard. Ph around 7.8 she found this stuff haven’t heard much about it but I figured i would give it a go for $6 a bottle. It’s from the hydroponic store too. She also got me this little shelf to elevate the plants and allow for runoff.

Everything is elevated now to allow for water runoff.

I’m not sure if Purple Kush will make it or not.

Mine tried asking the same when I started indoors. Now she wishes she invested

Take it out that cup, fill cup with dirt, place what was inside cup into. Use a clear cup to make a dome over it. Use less water dont drown her

Wouldn’t hurt to poke a few holes into the cup either to drain off water

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Purple Kush is slowly coming to life. I transplanted her into the pot. Figured I would just give it a try. I’ve learned I’m not liking this rapid rooters.

Wife wanted to name the girls.

So we Have Stella aka GDP
And Betty aka Purple Kush

This tho. And wifey is a friking trooper! Great catch

And Betty says you aint getting rid of her that easy!

Transplanting to a hot soil too early will burn those little girls up.

And never name plants, she’ll be too likely to not get rid of it when the time comes.

Spunds like experience talkin :point_up:t5::joy:

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Great solution! But your not watering those to run off yet I hope?