First Legal Grow (FLG)

Day 1 Germination sequence start

11/22/21 1445
Mission GGV 1

Our Ladies for mission GGV1 are Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG and Black Widow from ILGM recruitment center.

Germination sequence start, 3 beans in 3 cups of water

Added about 8oz of H2O to the seed starter soil each 32oz containers with auto drainage

Started 24+ hour planned hold for germination confirmation.


Am 8 days in with a Bruce Banner and Black Widow of the same mix pack. Congrats on the legal grow! Not so lucky here. Happy growing!


It’s only illegal if you get caught and convicted. :wink: :v:

Oof. The first of many painstaking waits. We’re with you, friend.


Good Luck on the first Legal Grow!!

Virginia here also! Lots of Virginians here this year…LOL!

I wonder how Northams first grow went?
I’m convinced he’s a pot head!!
Hell, he went to VMI in the 70s - they were probably growing it up there then! LOL!

Everybody here has your back!
Ask and ye shall receive!!


I’m thinking I should have held off on Bruce Banner as it’s a taller strain, but hey more LST practice, yes? For mission 2 I want to add something fruity like Banana Kush. Hoping for a harvest no later than late March before my B-day in early April.

Have the target phase dates in my Calendar. My target switch to flower is around 1\16\22 and target harvest around 3/21/22. I counted back based off the estimated flower time of 7-9 weeks. With about 8 weeks of seedling\veg time. With any luck I will have a MARS HYDRO FC-E3000 or better by flower time otherwise it’s an old school 400w HPS, for 3 in 3 gal pots

Just going to have some NASA themed fun with this grow journal along the way. In IRL my initials are JPL. Names for the :crossed_fingers: all female crew, Betty Banner, Syl Skywalker and Widdershins Widow.


I love the theme. My bday is mid April! Hopefully we each have a happy one! Speaking of NASA, I also live real close to LBJSC.
I have a Grand Daddy Purple in place of the Skywalker. 3 in a 32"x32"x63", so stress training is a must. The BB (Lou-Lou) is growing the most so far. The Black Widow (Betsy) was a little sensitive going into the coco. I expanded Coco brick using full strength Jack’s and the tips of her first leaves got just a smidge of burn.
Here’s to a fun adventure!

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I’m in. And I’m in VA.

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Day 2

Mission GGV1

1445 hrs

Mission prep time 24hrs

Crew Betty Banner and Widderhsins Widow are finishing pre-launch checks and cracking the hatches.

2100 hrs

Syl Skywalker still sealed up tight.

Shallan Skywalker backup crew, enters mission prep. Popped in distilled water

Day 3

Mission GGV1

1500 hrs
Mission prep time 49hrs

All 3 primary crew transferred to seedling starter containers and domed, backup crew still in prep bath.

Mission notes: Will change starter container to a smaller cup (~12oz) for Skywalker B just as test. The primary crews starter container is 32 oz, both liquid measurements. Expected advantage is ability to transplant into the 32oz container during leggy stage and cover the deeper without requiring supports.


About to order veg soil. I was considering Fox Farms Ocean Forrest, Fox Farms Happy Frog or Coast of Maine OMRI Listed Bar Harbor Blend. Any opinions or even other suggestions, not looking to mix my own soil for this grow. I have FF Cal-mag, Big Bloom, Grow Big and Buds and Bloom.

I may consider transplanting into a larger 5 gal pot for flower phase, so fresh soil for the fill. Current Veg pots are 3 gal and depending on size may stay that way until harvest.

Current grow space is 4x2 but it’s burstable to 4x6. Current Veg\flower light will be 400 HPS, though I plan on ordering a 300W LED soon, likely a Mars Hydro FC-E3000. Holiday sales could push me a tier higher in wattage. I’m limited to 4 plants legally so don’t want to overbuy at this point

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Fox Farms soil is hit and miss. Coast of Maine has a better reputation than FF these days.

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Day 4

Mission GGV1

Happy Thanksgiving!

0600 hrs
All primary ladies in starter containers

hrs Widdershins has lift-off. (ILGM Black Widow Fem)
The Winddershins name is from the Widdershins Adventures Series books by Ari Marmell.

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Up close and personal with my first legal baby. My Bruce Banner and Skywalker OG sprouted and are about the same size. I have a second Skywalker OG that was started 24hrs after these and so far hasn’t crack the hatch, popped it the dirt anyway this morning. It will pop up or it wont So out of 4 beans 3 sprouted so far, 75% which is inline with expectation given the small sample size. :+1:

*Black Widow Fem shot with a Canon 70D and EF100 1:1 macro lens F16 1/2 sec ISO 100. The parts that look like digital artifacts are reflections of the LED panel in tiny droplet of water. The helmet is still clinging to the left starter leaf. I’ll let her sort that out on her own. She’s ~1" tall seedling *