First led grow tent

So I’ve used MH and HPS till I read this forum and then bought a 4’ x4’x72”
Tent then the Mars 3000. Yes it works I’m a believer in led

So the flower is WW and beside her I hav3 amnesia haze just starting her transition today 11weeks to go😳before I harvest her.
Only thing I’m not sold on is the fabric pots. Find they get a green tinge on exterior.


I like fabric pots. Takes some of the worry out of overwatering (for noobs like me).

I haven’t had that problem but they sure show salt deposits.

White blotches are usually cobweb mold, salt desposits in a ring. Just watch out for cobweb in excess. It’s not harmful unless you’re sensitive to it, not harmful to the plant either. Unless there is decay in the sugar leaves, then it can infiltrate the bud. Happened to me on one plant. Lost two colas. Wasn’t upsetting though since it was only one neglected plant, but can happen. I find it much easier to control cobweb in plastic pots.

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I use fabric pots and can’t say I have ever seen green. The main benefit is fabric allows oxygen into the root ball. Also root pruning. Do you have or had humidity issues? It might be your nutrients. I like to have a small fan on the floor directly blowing air on the pots. More air, oxygen, dries faster.

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I love my fabric pots, great oxygen for roots.
I put mine in an old washer after each grow, seems to keep them fresh…

Good Growing