First large grow in producer. Blueberry photos

Moved the short ones into the middle, slowly catching up but I’ll have to top some I’m sure.
Some unhealthy leaves but just colour variations I’m not familiar with.
Just a month in veg now.

Did the leaves with the brown spots start out yellow like the leave above it and to the left.
The leaves with the brown rust look like a calcium deficiency to me. I suspect something else is going on but I know nothing about hydro. It might be pH or temp or ??? Hopefully @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @dbrn32 are available and can help out.


Sounds about right. Ph, water temps, and oxygen levels always important too.


Ph 5.9, ppm 678.
Temp in box 25c
Temp of water 23.7
Humidity 45
No o2 connected.
18/6 led dome lights.

The Small ones have never bounced back.