First Journal. Second grow, beginner all advice welcome :) DWC

So this is my second ever grow. my first grow I did good in a 2x4 tent with 2 plants in 2 buckets dwc and came out with about a pound of some lambs breath sativa.

This Grow includes:

seeds are Blue Cookies

4x8 tent
3- 5 gallon pails
1- big tub for resivoir
2 water pumps
2 air pumps
water chiller
temp monitor connected to 6’ exhaust fan and charcoal filter
humidity monitor connected to humidifier
3 lights, 1-200watt phytomax 2 and 2-300 watt vivosun blurples(being replaced by the phytomax leds)

This one is doing great !!!

this one got its legs(tap root) broke off accidentally and is starting to recover.
and on top of breaking the tap root off I put some water on it and it puddled on top so I went to wipe it off some and squished one side off hahaha. this is crazy how they live through the torment of novice growers.

this poor gal has been severely abused and tormented lol. I hope it lives

I will add pics of the tent set up after I figure how to resize them.

also I use emerald harvest pro line


I’m set watch!:grin:

here is tent setup. It is 4x8 crammed in a 9x8 room.


Outta likes​:+1::+1::+1::+1: cant wait to see this journey

suggest you top water the seedlings until their roots grow past the cage.

Also… your not running your nute water through the chiller are u?..

The first one has a good root in water. Second one i top water. The lil runt seed i had is gone.
Yes i run through chiller.

Plant 1 growing great. Changing water soon. Nutes are a little low.

Second one her roots in the water now and is looking better.

Also i started another seed to replace the third one. Gonna be a weird grow with them being a few weeks apart i think.

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I’m a little late to the party buy I made it. I like your setup. I’m on my second grow too. Good luck, I’m rooting for you, :cowboy_hat_face: grem


Thanks all for watching. Ill need help for sure here and there with this grow.
I received my second phytomax 200 yesterday. Gonna try to get 6 total over the next few months. A bit crazy expensive but well worth it.

This is my favorite hobby ever I’m loving it !!!


Heres the 1st one. Getting nice canopy penetration


I’m not growing hydro but I am growing with leds. First the ladies look amazazing! Just some advice before you start getting more blurples try looking into QBs I swear if I knew abou these before I would have gotten some. I was in another thread with @dbrn32 @zparkie2 just talking about this. They’re helping me out. Just wanted to spread the love man. :grin::green_heart:


What are qb’s

Just a screen shot for example. QB is Quantum Boarb I just started learning a out this myself but it’s insane bro.

I read about those and just after researching i found it best for me in my situation to buy the phytomax 2 leds. They do outgrow most lights on the market( my opinion after research that i did) again this is for my situation at the time.
In the future im sure ill have my hands on some of those when i have space for larger fixtures.

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I’m in the same situation bro I was just spreading the light, aaaye haha like I said your ladies look friggen amazing!


My very own Sun lol
Qb 260 r


Thats nice. I wish i had space to build some. Just no room here.
I have to walk outside just to turn around !!


So much purple in stems and veins on leaves. Could this be strain related or a deficiency.

The qb lights would replace what your using way more intense light. It makes a huge difference.