First Journal - From Build To Harvest

Toss em in darkness for 3 days and chop em.
Good game. Sir. Nice back yard harvest.
Bud wash them prior to drying.

Ps what strain?

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White widow. I started plain water yesterday. I was giving nutes up till Tuesday. I’ve got my flush planned for tomorrow and hopefully clean them up :+1:t3:
I’ve got to hand it to advanced nutrients. They may be a tad more expensive, but they deliver. I never checked ph even once on this grow. I put full faith in the nutrient blend and they delivered. Problem free, water straight from the tap. Hats off to them!


Try Remo. He worked for AN.
They are both from my area, next town over

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Remo is the cloning gel I bought for my sog grow. I didn’t realize it was Canadian. It’s now moved up my list on nutes to try. Support local. Well…as local as you can get in this large country :joy:

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An is also local right there all from the coast in BC, Burnaby etc your Canadian?

Yes sir…Ontario

I’ve let em go a little longer. They’ve become too heavy to stand up and there is 4 days of rain forecasted. Time to call it. They are now in the basement, in the dark for next 3 days :+1:t3: The wife is super impressed with how the house smells already. :upside_down_face:


Good call, congrats on the grow man tricombs look perfect in my mind, unless it’s some sativa your really upping for a buzzy head high then yea a tiny bit to long. what strain is this again?

Regardless it’s perfect, they are done, rain on the way and your doing the 3 days of darkness.

Do you plan to dry the whole plant or branch by branch? Wet trim or dry trim

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Wet trim… branch by branch.
I figure I’ll do one plant on the third day, and the rest on the fourth day.(forth day will be Friday, and no work to get up for next day)

I have intentions of keeping the super dense buds for smoking and some of the larfy inners for making edibles. That’s the plan. I’ll see how it goes. :joy:


Ok. Short and sweet ending.
I yielded 960 grams of smokable weed. A couple ounce of inner scraggle I’m gonn use for making butter. Great yield.

Pardon the messy basement background :grimacing:


Congrats. Outmotherfreakingstanding :+1:


Can you recap this grow for me?
Outdoor, photos you took from clones?
How many? 2 or 3?
Did you just grow them in soil? Any nutrients?

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4 White Widow Clones
Grown in 5gal Cloth Pots(1plastic)
Promix BX
Advanced Nutrients Ph perfect nutrients.
Tap Water
Never Checked ph, never checked ppm.
:love_you_gesture:t3: AN for the win

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