First Journal - From Build To Harvest

You have a superior light to 260 kit. About same efficacy with more power and greater coverage area.


Awesome. Thanks for your help in your other DYI thread getting this created.
Thanks to everyone who has offered tips and advice so far. It is greatly appreciated!!

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Both lights are Built!

I had been running for a couple of days with nothing in the tent just see what my environment would be like. Temperature sitting nicely at 72°-75°F but living in the North, it is really dry sitting at 30%RH. So…off to the store I went while my wife is outta town :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Cool mist humidifier has me now sitting at 56%RH.
After some reading and humming and hawing, I decided to go with promix bx with and extra 25% perlite as my medium. For nutrients, I went with Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow and Bloom. I also picked up some Sensi Cal while I was there, just so I didn’t have to drive back.
So, I guess I’ve prepared enough for now…Bruce Banner seeds are dropped in water!


Amazing build on those lights super jelly.

Still have the receipt for the humidifier?
Those cool mists can plug your carbon filter in a hurry. Have to be careful are you filling it with tap water?
Where in the north? I’m in Alberta I feel your pain.

My suggestion would be to get this baby.


Interesting to know about the carbon filter! I haven’t bought any exhaust yet, just a third clip on fan pointing up through the hole in the tent roof for now. I’m not much of a receipt keeper, but it was on sale for only $30. I can put it in my bedroom if I have to. What’s the difference with the one you posted? Does it go outside the tent?
I’m not as far North as you. Ontario here :+1:t3:

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Inside the tent, one I showed you is warm and cool mist Wich will help depending on season and temp issue. Ultrasonic will prevent issues with bacteria and potentially lengthen filter life… (last parts a Geuss)
It’s also a large capacity and a top fill Wich will be absolutely ideal (I already have one that’s bottom fill and only runs 24hr on 4L its no where near as

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Dude… those lights are sexy as hell! Nice build man.

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Made their way up!
Now that they finally broke through, I’m curious how high to put my light. I didn’t use the 24 watt cfl route, I just put them in the tent in the solo place holders with the light at 50% and 24” above the cup.
I’m also wondering when to start putting 1/4 strength nutes since I’m using promix? Do the seedlings natural nutrients run out fairly quickly after busting through? I guess next step is to read some some stuff on nutrient deficiency and how to read it in your plants.

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Weekly update:
Thursday I noticed the roots were hanging out the bottom of the solo cups they were in, so I put them in their final home. Packing the medium around an empty solo cup made this pretty easy. Thanks for whoever posted that tip in one of the many posts I’ve read. They didn’t seem to be affected by the move, no problems showed up that I can see.

This is the first one. I’ve named her Bruce

Here is the second. Ive named her BruceToo. This one had some difficulty shedding her shell when it poked through. Seems to be a bit stunted in growth compared the first.
All in all, I figured things were going well, so this morning I introduced their first nutrients. 1 litre of water mixed with 1ml of each,Micro, Grow, and Bloom for each plant. Wait and see how they react over the next couple days and proceed from there. :+1:t3:

Temp and Humidity holding pretty steady


Sorry I didn’t see that update last week, my bad!
To answer your question you would have been watching them closely and as soon as you see a tinge of yellow you feed but sounds like you fed already.

What nutrients did you end up getting? Have you read their feed scedule?

Both plants look like they are off to a great start, can’t even notice the one held onto its shell. This is common though have a pair of tweezers in your grow room as they come in handy for a couple things, sterilize them with iso and then pull the husk off if that happens again. The pre soak often prevents this but not all the time.

Your humidity is good but not ideal the easiest way to fix this at such a small size is to dome your plants. Plant bells/domes can be purchased in a store (depending on where you live and the season, here in summer they are in the dollar store) but I have yet to find a cheap place online that sells them. Although any large plastic or glass container flipped upside down will work shoot for something as wide and fairly tall as you can so that you can dome them as long as possible. People have used see through 4L orange juice containers cut 1/4 off, cake lids, all sorts of stuff.

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I went with Advanced Nutrients base trio. I used the calculator on their website, which has matched up to the bottle directions for seedlings.
I was reading mixed reviews from all over about when to start feed with using promix, so I just winged it and marked it in the calendar so I know next time. I watered around the outside edge of the pot, so it may take a bit for the roots to find it…:man_shrugging:t3:
I have to go back to the water store to refill my jugs since I have a water softener in my house, so I’ll stop by somewhere and look for some domes. Thanks for the reply. :+1:t3:

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AN is good solid stuff a bit pricey but they are from very close to my home town so I give them a :+1:.

I’m not a coco grower but so many here are so you will have lots of opinions and advice but of course always read up yourself to get a solid foundation. You are on the right track about learning to watch your plants, I know a bit of how to do this but it takes YEARS to get good at it and that’s why we use feed charts, measure ph/TDS etc.

Good call on the outer edge watering do this as much as possible until they need to be watered until run off

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Weekly update:
Bruce#1 seems to be doing really well. I’ve been reading and I think it might be time to top this one and get some training going.

Bruce#2 seems to be doing “ok”. Like last week, this one seems to still be a little stunted. I’ve tried not to be biased and love them both the same, but this one is not my favourite :joy:

Both are being watered every 3 days, that seems to be when the promix feels dryer when I stick my finger down about an inch.


Topped the first plant. It is showing some nice bud sites coming through and the split seems to have worked out.

Second plant is still chugging along. Small bud sites coming up…stem is getting thick.

First Plant:

Second Plant:

Thanks to everyone who set me straight in my mid week freak out about the way new growth looked. New guy obsession problems :joy:

I’ve moved my lights up, I’m finding these plants staying really short, they have zero stretch. Both are only about 6-7” tall.

Happy Growing! :v:t3:


That’s because the lights really intense you might want to calculate your DLI or back the power down a but if you want some more stretch

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Not much to update. Things are growing. :+1:t3:
Watered to run off for the first time yesterday. I don’t know if I was underwatering, but each pot took 6litres of water before any runoff happened…I was surprised how much it took.



I ripped a knuckle bending branches yesterday. Nothing severe, so I just bent it back. Should be ok based on other journals I’ve read…I hope :joy:

Happy Growing!:+1:t3:


Yeah when they go through that dry and wet cycle and the roots really suck up alot of water.
Keep vegging, looking good

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The end of December is here, which marks 4 weeks of veg growth on the Ladies.
It seems I’ve always had a small problem with the perceived runt of the litter, so a local grow buddy had a look. He figured I was underwatering. I’ve started watering to run off now (3rd time) and the runt has taken off!!
So much so, that I’ve had to bend the main stock at the top, I’m gonna run outta room!

This is from earlier this week. The left one was the “runt”.

Bent over

This is the constant performer. Short, thick and recovered nicely after breaking one of the main cola branches. Slapped some honey on it and hoped for the best.

A question for anyone out there reading, since it’s the end of the 4th week of veg should I consider switching to 12/12? I’m not exactly sure what to look for to switch. I thought about giving it more time in veg to compensate for the underwatering time. :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks in advance for any input
Happy Growing

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Size is what will determine the switch, when they have reached 1/2 the size you want them switch them to flower. Personally I recommend 13off 11 on, this is due to hybrid genetics everything carys these days and sativa genetics that come from the equator need at least 12hr of darkness.
Give it a try, plants look good.

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Looking good so far. :+1:

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