First Issue on First Grow

My brother wants to start a hemp farm in North Carolina

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I tried Hemp Cigarettes aka CBD and it didn’t do a thing for me. But then again, I’d rather smoke the real deal as it does actually work.

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I don’t smoke … seriously

I’ll have an edible tho

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Thanks again everyone…excited to see where this adventure goes next👌🏼

@Pharmerbob why don’t you indulge? I’ve never had an edible but will try butter just need a harvest.

I smoked for 20-25 years, I’ve just kinda started drawing away from it in the past 3-5 years. I’ll take a few hits every once in a while but I enjoy making it more then anything

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I started growing for my wife to supplement her needs and now dr prescribed cannabis. She would buy an oz a week from the local guys and a few ounces a month from the dispensary once that opened… so it became cost effective to supplement that.

We grew outdoor before it became recreational here. Then I went all in on the room