First Issue on First Grow

Posting in hopes of getting a little help in identifying what’s going on. I have a grow journal, but wanted to throw this out to get a little more attention.

Strain: Brandywine Germ date 11/8&11/9
Soil Black Magic
Well water (86 PPM 8.5ph)
60w LED cheapo
Had only watered up until 1 week ago. Runoff from soil has always been 5.8-5.9PH and PPM slowly dropped from 4000+ to about 600 before I started feeding. The problem I’m having is the same time I placed them in a new box with the stronger light.
2x2 footprint (variable height)
Temp 75-79
RH 55-65%
Fissioning 120 QB set at 20 inches above BW2’s top. (18 recommended) for 3x3 footprint
First feeding was with black magic A/B liquid mixed to 250ppm @6.0PH, at this point I let them get a little drier than normal before the second feeding where I went to 350ppm @6.0PH, at that point I started to notice some drooping and just general not as healthy look. I thought maybe they just needed bigger beds so I took a look at roots and potted up in hopes, but now they are worse off for sure.

Light has been slowly moved from min to max output and I’m just not sure if I’m feeding too light, too much, too intense of light or what but neither one is perking up for me and it’s kinda bumming me out. After lights on this evening I went back to min setting on the Fissioning. Below pictures are about 14 hrs apart. Again, newbie here, enjoying the journey, just not sure if I should wait it out or if I need to react quickly to something going on Im ignorant too. Thanks👍🏼

As they currently sit

Could you link your journal please? I’d like to scan it for any other info that may be helpful

Same here I’d like to see journal. Lights may be a little close. Plants can act weird after repotting. But the twisty looking leaves I have had before with drop from overwatering. I do hydro so overwater for me was water level to high after transplant to new tubs.

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Pic of soil , pic of nutrients and any other additives you use would help greatly also

What type of pot is that? You can break down the walls? I wonder if there is a fabric pot version. Hope these guys can help. Im still into my first real grow. Good luck

Based on appearance I’m willing to bet they’re getting used to the light.

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The only time I’ve seen canoeing and curling under like that it was due to low pH or too much light. They look great otherwise.

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With that new QBs light, your plants are gonna be using more nutrients since light is waaaaay better. When I switched to my cmh, I had to start using more calmag


Hell I started using Cal-Mg myself. Thanks to y’all. :+1:

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@PharmerBob Here’s the soil and Nutes which up until about a week ago is the only thing besides water I’ve used.

They are just cheapo plastic containers and I cut the sides away to make it easier to transplant.

@BetrayedSoul I’m not sure that overwatering is the issue. They usually rebound really quick after watering and these guys were drying out quick in the old containers. 2 days max between watering at the point before transplant.

I learned a valuable lesson…plan better so you don’t have to change more than 1 thing at a time. QB is at minimum currently. Should I wait a few days and see or should I turn the QB back up and increase my nutes next feeding (which should be tonight?). I have unsulphured molasses but haven’t used any yet. How do I know if I need cal mag or anything else added? Ideally I don’t want to be spending tons of money on nutrients, but I want my girls looking happy again.

Trying to figure out how to link the journal…sorry should have done that on original post.

Grow Journal

@kettle ammonium nitrate again…

hey I apologies, :smirk:, I was worried because of what I had read, but live and learn… hope I haven’t stitched anyone up. it appears lots of ferts have them in small quantities… :slightly_smiling_face:

They do but the problem with ammonium nitrate is, it limits the uptake in calcium and magnesium

Ammonium nitrate and cal/mag will compete for uptake, so if your not carefully balancing these nutrients it will result in a deficiency.

Not saying it’s what I see here but it’s not the greatest nitrogen booster

How do you feel about the amount of nutrients in soil compared to what’s being feed to the plants?

Droopy plants look over saturated by one thing or another. Light/water/nutrients

Pretty certain it’s the light intensity. Left it at min setting over night and they already perked up quite a bit. I don’t think the previous smaller pots were doing any harm as the roots looked fine and nothing weird was going on. Gonna leave it at this setting for a few days while I complete an entire feed cycle in the new pots and watch before adjusting. Also wouldn’t hurt to get them to lengthen a bit. I’ll grab a bottle of cal mag next time I’m out to add to the feed. Do some research as to why when I get time so I understand more. Thanks for the assist with what was probably just me being paranoid🥴

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I thought that might be the case. I had the very same experience a couple of weeks ago. I backed down the light a little and they perked back up within 36 hours.


Thank goodness for @FlxerPower!!!’

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I just had a Christmas dinner with my Father’s side of the family and had an interesting discussion with a Cousin who is a hemp (for CBD) farmer in Kentucky. It was hard to pick his brain without spilling the beans, so to speak. lol.

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