First indoor soil grow

Hello I just won a GSC seedling at a canna convention. Wanted to know if anyone knows what this green stuff is on the soil. Also wanna cut off the bottom leaves bc they are drooping should I use scissors or a razor blade?My tent shoud arrive in a few days I wont be keeping her in this closet.

Mold - need to transplant plant in new soil now ! caused by excessive water and no air circulation and heat

damn!!! thanks im on it right now!!! also should I wait until after I transplant to cut the bottom leaves or do it now??

Take bottom leaves off now then transplant - this way you will be ale to put plant deeper - 1 set of branches being about 2 inches from top of soil. Consider using a good root stimulator for great root development (great White, believe shop here offer some) is type of product is necessary for plant development. Are you talking about that very big leaf ?

yes there are two large leaves at the bottom that dont seem to be healthy. I have scissors and a razor blade wondering which is best?

How old is the plant ??

the green stuff is likely moss or algee…

Just pull them off at stalk - no scissor’s or blade

i pulled them off yesterday seems to be looking good.

just wondering now about nutes. I have ph perfect GMB for my DWC and was wondering can i mix it up with some water and feed my girl with that? If not can u suggest some good soil nutes pls.

What you have will work just fine. Advanced Nutrients are very good some other brands Fox Farms, Humbolts Own , but hard to beat AD can get in 250 ml size for about $10.00 (all their stuff)

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my third day with the girl. still dont know how old she actually is yet smh noticing a little yellowing on the leaves, hoping she isnt too stressed .

day4 this morning i checked on her. i think she was super thirsty. soil was very dry so I watered with 5.9pH water no nutes yet, I think Im gonna let her grow another set of leaves before I start her with the nutes.

A pH of 6.5 is best for soil watering…did you test the run off water for ph?

5.8 is best for a soil-less grow.

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30 mins later. she was very thirsty I see.Do you guys think it will be beneficial to pinch the lower fan leaves or should I wait??

Wait…the plant NEEDS those leaves right now for energy, cut them only if dead or nearly there, atm.

If you cut them, it would stress the plant, probably stop growing for a week or more.

ok cool I havent done anything yet. Thanks for the quick reply I appreciate it! Also it seems like I dont have enough humidity im at 37% you guys know anyway to increase the humidity??

If you cut anything, those 2 lower side branches under the lowest big leaves could be cut…

And when you transplant, bury a little stem, pile soil around the base, roots will grow.

should I cut with razor or scissors or does it matter? I thought that space would be where the nugs will grow once in flower. Could you tell me more pls?

Are those are side shoots, or a small set of leaves…the photo isn’t clear for my old eyes? The things below the bottom large leaves?