First indoor/outdoor grow. Premium pack +

Includes 5 gold leaf, 5 chronic widow & 5 cali dream, all fem not auto, from my 2nd ilgm seed order, plus some unknown but brutal grape stomper that started a week later. I will need to cull off all but my favorite 9 to meet regulations, by the time they show sex, which is a bummer, but hey, cheers to Darwinian evolution at its finest! Note, im a biologist & my favorite subject is Evo Devo…

Started in 1ltr pots with promix mycorrhizae potting soil & regular miracle grow ferts at 1/4 outdoor concentration–I dont mess with organics.

Running an open hood 1000w mh with full room fans. Temps are 60-70f at night & 70-85 day. Started 19/5 lights & have been dropping back by 30 minutes about every 4 days for the last couple weeks to get it back to the 4:30am-8:30pm that will match outdoors light tomorrow. Don’t want to trigger early flowering. Looking for a late September to mid October Northeast outdoors harvest…8 years growing experience, but im a bit rusty & its my first indoor/outdoor experience.

All seeds germinated with 24 hours & got transplanted to 1gal pots with same soil after 3 weeks. Now 6 weeks old. Only about 12-16", but most have at least 10 nodes and most nodes have branches that reach canopy level. Almost every node on every side branch of every plant, has its own new branch forming.

Tomorrow will transplant outside onto my extremely sunny roof in 10-15gal pots for 3-4 weeks to veg out big before upping them to 96gal heavy duty mobile trashcans in my quite sunny garden, about a week after the equinox. Will use regular miracle grow ferts at around 2/3 outdoor concentration at both upcoming transplants…then (hopefully just)1 dose of miracle grow flowering ferts at 2/3 outdoor strength in early august.

Looking for at least 8’ tall × 6’ wide, with 1+lbs each on all plants this year. I have had no problem getting 1lb plants outdoors in the past and this year im doing everything bigger–160cubic feet of premium soil & all stops pulled for 9 finishing plants, hehe…Go big or go home!

So now, how can I upload my progress pics here?

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Ps: I burnt the crap out of about the first 5 sets of fan leaves by having the lights too close, about 18-24" away, from seedling through week 2, without enough airflow…but low and behold, they recovered beautifully, have no more burnt leaves and have wicked small internodes & bushy branching because of it.

They were all fimmed after about the 5th true node after 3 weeks, with much success, and I will fim every main branch that comes close to canopy level 1 more time a week after outdoors transplant.

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6 weeks. Nearly All with at least 10 true nodes & 14+ branches at canopy level by 12-16". Pics look weird for baby vegging plants because I’ve clipped so many fan leaves due to heat burn–can’t say they’re too unhealthy though.


Looking good very healthy.

Very excited for this one! Look amazing so far. I’ll be watching :eyes:

Great start, will be watching your progress eagerly. Good luck brother.

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