First Indoor Grow...WW Auto...HELP!

New guy here and I’ve been posting in everyone else’s threads and that’s not cool…I always feel like I’m hijacking their post’s direction.

I’m growing two WW autos in a 2x2x48 and subscribing to Hellraiser’s solos cup start, it just made sense to me regardless of the fact I’m doing an auto and he’s growing photo sensitive strains. I’m 11 days in from them breaking soil and so far, so good. At this point, from my reading, I should be thinking about transplanting. My original thought was to do this at about the 2-3 week mark…but a lot of people are saying to transplant when the leaves are passed the perimeter of the cup…and I’m already passed that point.

I guess what I’m asking is, do I have enough root growth yet to even consider transplanting at this point? I did my 3rd watering the other day (Thursday) and I got close to the plant base and it flopped over a bit, which I would think would indicate I’m still in tap root mode.

I’m asking for advice on how to proceed. Do I go by growth progress or time growing?

Day 11…

Any and all advice is welcomed!

Thank you!!


Keep me up to date

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And yes transplant to bigger pots


Just in case anyone was wondering, the 12 Dry Quart - 13.2 Liter bag of Happy Frog Soil is not enough to properly fill two 3 gallon fabric pots…even after adding 20% more vermiculite. lol

Those look good man, new also but I’d say wait a week or two and transplant those bad boys to bigger container, I’m using 5 gallon grow bags, and fox farm happy frog on some and ocean forest on others they seem to like both

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Thanks bro. I’m using FFHF too…with another 20% perlite…in 3 gallon grow bags. I’m preparing to transplant from solo cups, but I’m not sure I have sufficient root growth to proceed. Part of the decision was made for me when I realized I didn’t have enough soil for the two pots…lol…ordered more yesterday.

I did my 5th watering today since they were dry…so I think I’m another 5 days minimum before transplanting…plus I have to wait on the soil to arrive. I was thinking like you…3-4 weeks from breaking soil…but Oldschool82 got my clock ticking.

They are really drinking now on Day 14…every two days 4oz of ph 6.4 water with some root nutes with minimal runoff a la @Hellraiser method. The humidity has been around 67% to 70% with temps around 74 to 77 degrees on an 18/6 light cycle. Additional soil arrives tomorrow and I’ll transplant on Saturday morning. They sure seem happy doing the wet/dry watering cycle…

I think I’m going to follow Hellraiser’s watering plan once I put them in the fabric pots…albeit I’m using 3 gallon pots to his 5 gallon. I’ll go 1/2 strength nutes in a liter of water and monitor with a moister meter every 2-3 days to see how they are doing…and err on the side of dry. When you do this for the first time, it’s hard to judge how your progress is going other than scouring the forum looking at pics of other’s plants. Just got the Mycos yesterday…so now I have to read up on how that is applied ‘in the hole’ before I peel the cups.

They are getting stinky! I’m going to hook up the fan/filter system when I do the transplant this weekend.

All comments & advice are very welcome…


Looking very nice and healthy, off to a great start!

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Thanks…it’s because of your approach in the Gorilla Glue thread that prompted me to jump into the indoor growing thing. Not overly technical, don’t overthink things, use common sense, and be patience. A great hobby that pays dividends. Can’t thank you enough…


I wish you well in your growing, feel free to reach out, from one BOTL to another. I’m still jealous of those Cohibas, Bolivars, Partagas, etc… so many great smokes.

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Yeah, they are nice smokes. I’m a Monti guy…smoked the #2 exclusively for 25 years before they went to shit in 1999-2000. Then I hooked into the Fuente family in the DR at the beginning of Opus and Anejo run…then back to ISOM when they became semi-respectable. For quite awhile, all I bought were vintage boxes when I traveled overseas…and I still do on occasion. Crazy money these days. The old Criollo leaf was the best ever along with the Corojo wrapper leaf. Habano 2000 sucks in my opinion…and I’m not a Cohiba guy at all. They just don’t hit my palette the right way. What is produced now is a shell of their former glory. Are you on any cigar forums? LMK. If not, send me your address…I’ll send you a bag. I have a ton of shit…lol. It’s the least I can do for letting me tap into your knowledge base!

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Thanks for the thought brother, but I need to stay anonymous as much as possible while I’m still behind enemy lines, appreciate it though.


They are looking great man! I thought you had Girl Scout cookies going?

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Thanks bro! No…from what I read for a first time grower, White Widow was the most suggested jumping off point…to make it easier I went with the auto version.

I just received more soil but have no time to transplant until the weekend. The plants are now drinking 4oz every two days, so I had to water them again. I’m thinking they’re ready. They’re growing at an incredible rate.

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Yes, they look good to go for a transplant.

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@Hellraiser…I’m getting ready to transplant and you mapped out your procedure with the cup indentation and all. When it came to the Mycos, I think you said something like…you line the hole with it. Can you clarify that for me? Thanks, man!

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Oh, BTW…I ran across your cigar pics. Be warned, there will come a day when I bomb the living sh*t out of you! The clock is ticking… :radioactive:

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Well, today was transplant day. I’m still following @Hellraiser procedure with the exception I’m going to a 3 gallon fabric pot as my final container. I mixed a fresh batch of Happy Frog with extra perlite and got the water with nutes ready. Balanced all the PH levels and off I went.

Got the pots ready…

So when I woke up at 6:30am, I peeked in the tent and the two gals looked marvelous. But when I went back at 11am to start the transplant, they were drooping! They drank 4oz of water in less than 36 hours. I added 3oz of water, turned the light off, and waited 3 hours…they came back about 90% and proceeded.

With the soil still a bit damp, I did the peel method to get them out of the Solo cups…I was shocked how root bound they were at 18 days. I’m going clear Solo cups from now on!

After that I sprinkled 2 tablespoons of Mykos in the holes, gently put in each lady, and topped off each pot with some extra soil. Then I added one liter of water with some nutes, let them drain for 15 minutes, put them in a dry saucer…and back in the tent they went.

I weighed out each pot after the transplant and they were 7.26lbs. & 7.38lbs respectively. Then, after watering with 1 liter of water they were 8.87lbs. & 9.17lbs. I don’t have much faith in me doing the ‘pick up the pot and feel it’s weight to see if it needs water’ thing. I’m going scale all the way! I will use the moisture meter to monitor them as they dry and do a periodic weighing to confirm their next watering.

…and now we wait to see how the transplant went. What do you think so far @Oldschool82 ?


You sure are taking it to the next level, just an amazing job


You did fine, I just sprinkle some myco at bottom and sides of the hole.

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