First indoor grow with tent

Hello all, new to to indoor growing, especially tent grows. So far things are looking good I would like to share some pics and see what or if anyone has any suggestions or advice. 5x4 tent with propagation separation wall , 1000 watt MH/HPS sealed and cooled with 6 inch thermostat controlled inline fan attached to carbon filter and at the moment Also my 300 watt Full spectrum LED seedling light. 18/6 veg 75*f and 35%RH. soil grow (ocean forest) fox farm trio grow big ,big bloom and tiger bloom also using soil blast microbe tea from supreme growers. Multi strain. 7 weeks from seed. , green crack, perma dream, chocolate heaven, blue cheese, dosi do, plumb head. Just curious on thought and any suggestions or issues that may come about from tent grows thank you for any input!


Looks good so far.
RH is low for veg. 50-60% would be better at this point.

Don’t overdo it with the Nutes. Ffof is usually good for just watering for the first 2 months.

Clear cups for seedlings isn’t the best way to grow. Roots don’t like light.


Looks really good so far only thing I could suggest would be to raise your RH in veg to atleast 50-55 percent as this will help the plants absorb nutrients better and help the plants transpire and “breathe”.


Thank you. I have been working crazy hours and haven’t had much time this last week . I will bring up the humidity and I have also since switched cups, no more clear ones . As far as nutes they have only been fed once so far , a friend made me aware of the soil nutes. Just water and microbe tea keeping ph steady around 6.8 . Just trying to keep up on them and any issues with tent grows. I will post more as we go


PH 6.5 is the sweet spot for soil.

@BigJ, I’m gonna ride along. I am set to watching. What size tent do you have?

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@repins12 Thank you!! I got a vivosun tent 4 feet by 5 foot. Separation wall for clones or supplies Makes for a 4x4 grow area if sectioned off . It’s a lot bigger than I expected seems to be working well, plants seem to be doing very well at this point. Latest pic as of right now

@BigJ, Sorry, you had listed above, I musta been stoned and I missed it. Plants look great. Tents gonna be packed when they get bigger. I like you, from your profile, was an outdoor grower for years, got tired of loosing over half of my crop every year. Still not legal in my state so, I did it guerilla style. I am on my first totally indoor grow. I have a 5x5 and only am going to attempt 6 plants in 5 gallon pots and am concerned about my tent ending up overfilled with auto’s. I am very interested in seeing how this goes. Plants are looking good bud :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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@repins12 thank you. I lost 8 this year due to theft all ranging from 6 foot to 10 ft tall. I’m 6’2” standing in front of one of them in pick.

They had Just started budding 3 weeks in. Was not a happy person to come home to that… Yep already filling up. Had to open the tent up all the way last night and take down the separator. Couple of these bushes are going to one of my buddies. He’s a grower, did indoor for many years. But Been out of it for a while. I’m looking at about 5 for my tent. I started so many because I’m dealing with non feminized seeds at the moment, this was my practice run for the tent. I have 3 pretty good strains of feminized that will be my next run. La cookies, glue#4, and candy land and a mixed pack of 10 feminized strains. Can’t wait to see how this crop turns out, so for so good

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@Drinkslinger. Thank you. I’ve brought it down from a little over 7 in the beginning to the 6.8. I will adjust ph down some more see how they react. Thank you again for the advice. So much more work than outdoor. Lol. But it’s worth it

@BigJ, I just tagged you at my journal. I know I used to grow some massive plants outdoors up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Guerilla/covert style and was still getting hit and loosing over half of my crop to thieves. I don’t know how in the hell they were finding them. Looks like those are in your yard by the looks of it. Ever consider a big dog? It sure keeps unwanteds outta my yard. I caught a few of the people hitting me with the use of trail cameras. I still have several set up around my yard even with my 3 Cane Corsos running loose all day. Those that I caught, I dealt with swiftly and discretely. They have no idea who I am. I got tired of just letting it go. That being said, this is a great place to be and I am glad that I finally found this forum. I think that you will find it very helpful as I have :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


@BigJ, I forgot welcome to the community/forum. I’m sorry for not stating that in my last post. I reckon that’s just how it goes with us. Your plants are definitely looking good :+1: brother

One thing I can suggest with my limited knowledge is 4-5 photo plants max for that size tent if you plan to keep them indoors. I tried ten first, they grew way too big and too much light competition. The RH and temps were also much harder to control especially after their watering cycle in flower. I then went to 6 plants and my yield was much higher with much less variables inside the tent. I then decided to go to 3-4 plants in the tent and just grow cycles back to back and found everything was much much easier overall and the plants really grew much better with the extra spacing and light to absorb. Personally, I like to only run 4 plants in that space. Now my yields are double, I drop less seed to get there too, so much cheaper for me personally. Maybe adding a second tent, if you can afford it in the middle of your grow and have the space, will make your yeilds worth the investment. Just my $.02. Happy growing! They look very pretty btw. Nice work!


@TokerGuy. Thank you for advice. I only plan on 5 at most in the tent. I started a few because These were from seed and have to be sexed yet. It was what I had on hand to try this tent out. The rest are going to a buddy of mine to finish out. Didn’t want to put a bunch of money in clones or seed And have issues with the tent

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@repins12 ok headed over to check it out.

@repins12 GOOGLE EARTH and DRONES are a couple of ways these guys are finding plants. I’ve heard a lot from other guys who have seen it done. They spend whole day searching neighborhoods looking for the crops , they stake you out see your routine then hit you when your not around, one of my buddies bought plastic green and red tomatoes and hung them from his plants to try to disguise them. Lol.

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@BigJ and @TokerGuy That was my intent also. I have a 5x5 and was going to do two runs of 6 autos to get the bugs worked outta my set-up before I run photos. I am planning on 4 or possibly up to six depending on how things were working at that point. I’ve been having issues with the autos shedding the shell of the seed once it breaks ground.
That’s f**ked up, that the thieving bastards are doing that. GOOGLE EARTH must have been how they were getting me. I was growing up in the mountains and was extremely careful not to let anyone see me entering or exiting the woods. I was also very careful not to leave any sign and whatever I took in with me left with me. I also never went in or out the same way so I didn’t create a path. I have no compassion for an effing thief. I’m the type of guy that if you ask me for something and it’s within reason and I have it to give, I’ll give it to you. Don’t just up and take it from me. I have caught a few and swiftly delivered a little Southern Justice their way, covertly of course. Good idea with the tomatoes :+1::+1::+1:

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@TokerGuy. Thanks for the info, I’m reducing it down today to 5 only because of unknown sex of plants from regular seed. Hoping not to many males I’ve had good luck so far , last batch of outdoor I planted 9 and had 8 females

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@repins12. Must be the ornamental variety, grown only for foliage and flowers. Lol