First indoor grow with issues

YES!!! That is exactly what you need!

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@ paranorman ill show you how my first adviser told me to coll ghe tube first i put a flexhose on thd cooltube ass you can see that one leads to a small vent that blows air into the cooltube and that warm air that comes out is blown in the direction of my suctionpump with carbonfilter on it.


Got your buddy I couldn’t see by that first picture looks good to me good luck

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Thanks bro its also first time for me to really use helping tools like this and not just plant it in the garden and see what you get so wasnt easy to figure all those things out and evdn became a pretty good electrician haha lol @Paranorman

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It’s too bad you didn’t come here first before you did your setup. We probably could have helped and maybe saved you money because we’re not selling anything. Oh well, live and learn.

Oh, and just FYI… I’m a sis, not a bro. Lol! Good luck, bro!


Ohh fiddlesticks i didnt dk that on purpose i really didnt know you were a sis sorry bout that ill keep that in mind butt anyway Sis thanks for helping me and the lil ladies with getting the right things to grow my lil ladies! Maybe wouldve been better if i got here earlier but never saw this app before bit hey now im in the exact right spot! @raustin


That’s okay, no harm done. There’s no way to know who’s male or female. :blush: I just tell people 'cause I’m pretty sure there are mostly men in here.

Anyway, you’ll get lots of good information here if you read through the topics. You’ll be a pro in no time!

My wife has already complained about the fact i was looking so much on this website lol but she knows its good to learn as much as possible i really like this community already learned very mutch bout lights today really thankfull!! @raustin


Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA strains are : all Auto Ww bigbud Easybud Quick One Powerplant
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?soil in pots

System type?600watts hps next week mh growlight,1suctionpump with carbonfilter,1airventilator to blow out heat in cooltube with 600watts hps,3 blowing fans,1bio bucket adds extra co2,humidifier

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?ph 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS dont know?

Indoor or Outdoor indoor own built growchamber(can double up size when needed)

Light system, size?600watts hps cooltube with coolingvent

Temps; Day, Night day: between 25c - 27c night: around 18c

Humidity; Day, Night day:55%-60% nights:45%-50%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size yes with carbonfilter with flexhose to outside

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, : humidifier 6liters


Here you go @Oldstoner @Donaldj @raustin @Paranorman

Just gave thf lil ladies their well earned watering!

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Thought ill give you guys a heads up on about how my girls are doing looking healthier and finally with ghr lights down more it looks like my leafs are started to grow. Some off the nutes affected plants( had nutes while only needed water) their leaves that were bad have newer ones growing that are still litlf now but they begin to show up and those new ones look healthy so i hope with my mh growlamp next week ill finally czn start the real growproces cuzz with this wrong 600w hps lamp its kinda slow…
Some pics to show how the ladies doing : @raustin @Oldstoner @Donaldj @DieHigh55 @Paranorman


Hey @Matt_auto, I just need to say this 'cause I’m worried about your babies.

Now, I don’t want to panic you, but if this were me with your problem I couldn’t just sit around waiting for their savior to come on Tuesday! No. I’d be at the store first thing to buy some cheap CFL’s or maybe even a cheap little LED just to ease my mind that they’ll make it to Tuesday!

Now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t 100% necessary, though it definitely couldn’t hurt, but it is 18 plants, and I noticed you said that you lowered the light again. So now I’m worried your gonna burn them! They also look pretty dry and I suspect that the hot light is drying out the soil more quickly.

You’re going to need more lighting anyway until you can get more lighting fixtures, so buying a few CFL’s won’t be going to waste, you can still use them with your new lamp that’s coming Tuesday. In fact, I think you’ll need them. :sunglasses:

Okay, I’ve said my peace.

Ok i really get what you mean and really apreciate that butt my problem at this moment is that the light thats coming in on tuesday was really the last of last i could spend otherwise i wouldve been buying some cfls like…Yesterday! So i hope they make it through the weekend… about the light its lowered yes to about 55cms normal indications are 600watts - 60cms dustance between light and plant so im off 5cms And not forgetting to mention i got that cooltube right i thought that was the meaning of the cooltube or correct me iff im wrong dont want my kzdies to bf under stress but with the cooltube i thought 55 was reasonable?? @raustin

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Also the leaves that still look bad are the ones that suffer from nutes burn i gave it way to early… the newer leafs that grew without thf nutes zre looking big and healthy today so maybe that is what you saw on the picture?sorry fof my bad english to @raustin

Okay, babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t know funds were that tight. They’ll probably be fine till Tuesday. I just wanted to tell you how I would personally handle your situation, and I don’t mean to worry you.

Just forget I said anything. :wink:

Oh, and I think your English is just fine.

I do realize your option would be mutch better but thid is what i gotta do it with that sucks…i hope its stays alive till then they look pretty happy at thid moment whdnrver soil is dry is spray thfm with 6.5 water only and the leafs are way bigger thfn 2days ago and they also aint stretching that mutch anymore so now just the right lamp and were on our way ill support my babies as much ss possible thru these hard days @raustin i really apreciate your help alot to bad i cant test the cfls out im curious how that would work 4 my girls !

I read all this and you are getting great advice. On the lights, the reason they wanted the MH lights is the color spectrum. They are both 600 w and both will grow a whole crop if necessary but the white light of the MH is “summer” light. The more yellow HPS is spring or fall light.

Your plants look good. As long as the new growth is healthy you are fine. Try to keep the light as close to the plants as they can handle using the back of your hand to test the heat. If your hand gets too hot after three to five seconds they are too close.

Once you are seeing three to five fingered leaves start feeding at half strength and increase after a few feedings if you are not seeing nute burn.

A 600 watt HID covers 4’x4’. Four mature plants will fill that space. Being autos you can’t put them aside under cfls to slow some down and split it into more than one harvest so you will have crowding issues and if humidity is high maybe mold issues.

That’s the future tho. Keep trucking for now you are on the good path.

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Okay, I’m glad they’re doing better, but do me a favor… Now that you’ve moved the light down, keep a close eye on the plants. Do the hand test to make sure no one gets burned, and make sure they’re getting enough water – that lamp can dry them out very quickly.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed till Tuesday. :kissing_heart:

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@Stomper ghankyou for also giving me this great advice ill go and make somd new updated pics 4 yall to show you guys how they’re doing. at first my lamp was at 1.80 metres anove the plants i made the mistake to measure the growrooms temp underneath the 600hps without cooltube so it went to high always so my plants stretched their asses off wich made thfm pretty weak… then i got the cooltube and lowered it slot as a read you should keep it around 60cmd with 600watts and noticid my plants were doing fine again next thing i did was make a nutes cocktail as my schedule from the nutesfactory described for week of grow 1 and made the mistake to make 10litres at once and keep using that 4 abput 9days. After that i learned you should not keep that mixtures longer thfn 2 a 3 days so i gave them too old crap without realizing…stopped that at advicd of oldstoner and now my lamp id at 55cms with the cooltube and if i hold my hand above plants feel warm comfy but not Hot…so dunno if i could lower it more or better not to do that. I noticed also the 14plants that were germd 5days later then the older ones they have less issues with nutesburn they have fairly healthy leafs didnt stretch that mutch and the stem is harder. Ill back it up with updated pics ill take right now. Also was wondering if its possible to post videos aswel?? @raustin pic 1 is a younger plant with thd new leaf they look healthy pic 2 qnd 3 are the more older ones that stretch bit more but new leafs looks healthy also i think

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Luckily i can tell you this growing area is only at half its size i can make it up to 4metres long 3metres wide and 2.40metres up so if necessary the fake walls go out so and the other thing about humid is that im really have to make a big effort each day to keep it at 55% cuzz i would put my humidifier off the humid in the room drops to under 20%so if it gets to humid i can put it off and in 1 hour i lose zbout 20% of the number you have when its on… @Stomper how much watering should i give my babies its always a strugle 4 me to know whfn they have had dnough or they had to litle?now im spraying it with the lamp at 55cms a couple off 9times a day 5sprays and thats it. So is that good that way?and about nutes how many timed a week you give that of with every watering?have rootstimulator,growstimulator,bloomstimulator,to make m greener and enzyms to keep healthy under these nutes… when shall i start this up at half strength?how big must my babies be fof that?sorry for many quistions just dont wanne make mistakes again … @Stomper