First indoor grow - seedling troubles

Got my first few seeds sprouted, 2 wwa are doing good the other ssh photo has some leaves curling under and yellow tips. The new growth out of the middle is curling too and looks darker in color. Looking for some ideas on what I need to adjust, from what i’ve Read it could be over watering?

Do you guys have any ideas please? I’ve seen all of you giving some great info to other beginners @dbrn32 @garrigan62 @Myfriendis410 @Donaldj @MattyBear

I was spraying them twice a day when they looked dry with humidity dome and have since been letting them dry out a bit spraying less and no dome.

Super silver haze photo
70-75 degrees, 45% humidity
Used water bottle domes first few days for better humidity
RO water ppm 15 Ph 6.5
Fox farm happy frog in solo cups- 4 holes in bottom
Sprouted 7 days ago
Started under 2 40watt t12 6500k 24/7
Now under hlg 260w rspec QB at about 20 inches above
24/7- just switched to 18/6 today.
Had light turned up about 1/4 for a couple days and turned it all the way down now.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

How high is your light turned up?

About a 1/4-1/3 of the way up for 2 days, today turned it down all the way.

I also forgot to mention I put the ssh closer for a couple days because it was stretching a lot under the t12, didn’t seem to be burning or anything so thought it needed the extra light, maybe it was too much extra?

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Probably. You have a driver ending in A right, with built in dimmer?

Yep hlg 240h-c2100a. Used a philips head and turned it all the way down and moved it back to 20 inches high. Should I raise it more?

Try moving it to like 24" or so. You can always increase dimmer from there if need be. On that driver all the way down is about half power.

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Ok thanks dbrn I appreciate it!

Pulled it up to 24-25 inches, dimmer turned all the way down (50%) and maybe turn it up depending how they look tomorrow.

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Solid plan

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I agree. I start my seedlings at 32” and adjust down from there. If they start stretching then I’ll drop the light down on them a little bit. Other than that, small amounts of water until they get their feet under them a little :v::bear:


Yeah; good advice all around. You did a good job of monitoring your seedlings and I think they will be just fine.


I read the thread and agree. :slight_smile:

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@dbrn32 @MattyBear @growmeister @Myfriendis410

Thank you all for your responses before!
I am wondering, would the curled leaves open up again if I fixed the problem or no? The new growth in the middle is growing nicely but since they’re pretty curled under I’m wondering if I’m still doing something wrong?
I already cut back on watering a bit, would they benefit from not watering for a day?

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Your rh is a little low, or if leaves get a little too much wind on them will do that too. Are most prevalent plants directly in front of fan? If you don’t see any issue like that, try bringing humidity up a little and see if that helps.

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Should I dome it or just spray the tent a bit to raise RH?
The fan is more directed at that one, but I haven’t been running it much, the temp has been around 70 and humidity around 50% so I’ve just run the fan periodically to help with stem strength.

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You can try the dome and see if it helps them look better.

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Journal update- all 4 seedlings are coming along nicely under the 260w Qb288 turned up to 75% at about 30 inches above.
-75 degrees 55-60% humidity
-2 larger ones are in happy frog-14 days from sprout.
-2 smaller ones are in roots organic- 12 days from sprout.
-Been spraying soil twice a day with ro water when soil looks dry.
-6.5-6.8 ph 15 ppm- no nutes

So just a couple questions for you great experts!

@Myfriendis410 @growmeister @dbrn32
@MattyBear @Donaldj @garrigan62 @Hogmaster

The smaller 2’s leaves seem to be curling down a bit the past couple days and haven’t been growing as much as the other 2. I read coco/roots organic needs calmag so should I try some tap water instead
of ro or add a little veg nutes or leave as is?
-Tap water ppm is around 250

The 2 larger ones look good and healthy, their leaves perked up since last week and there’s some little spots of discoloration on leaves but doesn’t look too bad. Do they look ready to transplant into 5gal or let them go a few more days? Should I start with some low amounts of nutes?


You’re in coco? That should be ph’d probably in the 5.8-6 range. I don’t see any holes in sides of your cups, and if you’re spraying them multiple times a day it may be a little too wet.


The 2 smaller ones are in roots organic. I thought that was considered coco? I’ll lower the ph a little.
I have holes in the bottom but none on the sides,I’ll add some to the sides too.

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They make a bunch of different blends, I was taking your word that it was coco. What blend do you have?

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Once you see roots coming out of the holes of the cups it’s time to transplant. They might just want some bigger digs. Once you transplant I would hit them with half strength nutrients and see how they respond. Make sure to ph the coco between 5.6-6.1 with 5.8/9 being the sweet spot for most coco blends. Happy frog ph between 6.3-6.8 and you’ll be rolling soon :v::bear: