First indoor grow: SCROG Gold Leaf and Chocolope


@nostril I’ve done 3 in the last 2 grows and just lit one up 2 weeks ago! I had an early finish on the first one due to heat stress, in soil. Chopped at almost 7 weeks instead of 9 and still jarred up over 8 oz. from a 4 month plant. Trichome development was off IMO but still provided killer smoke! The last two were in coco and I had an almost perfect grow that time. I had 7 and 9 oz . respectively and excellent trichome development on one with somewhat less on the other. None looked like an Amnesia Haze haha! Those two were truly awesome bud!

I’m loving the pistil growth dude! I almost never see that on mine.


Dry it, smoke it, and tell me about it!


I’ve had some concerns about nute burn on Chocolope, as I mentioned upthread. It’s hard to tell whether that’s just leaf damage from the heat and water stress event or it’s actually just a bit too much. So yesterday I watered with plain water and did the same today. Tomorrow I’ll resume my schedule with another feeding.

I have not been pHing my water. Our well water is high at 8.2. Today I bought pH down and will begin to adjust my water for the rest of the grow. The plants seem ok but who knows. It’s another variable either way.

The more I look at the GL photos, the more I think these are going to be ready in a couple of weeks. Today marks 7 weeks since flip. Depending on how one counts flowering time, two weeks would be either 9 weeks from flip or 7.5 weeks from pistils. In the range, regardless. I’m going to feed a few more times before starting the flush.



I think we are on exactly the same day in flower, getting close now, can’t wait


Chocolope, while still not bulky, is thickening a bit. Covered with trichomes, though. Gold Leaf continues to look like it’s in the final stretch. Bud porn of Chocolope first two photos, GL the rest.


WOW! and some more characters.


Some of the nicer buds are in the back. It’s so hard to get photos of them!

Once things get closer I’ll take a few legit shots. Hopefully they’ll be fun to look at.

Thanks for following along!


Looking good really good my gold leaf is leaning from its own weight


My gold leaf looks different too


Nothing much to report. I wish Chocolope would fatten up a bit more but it appears to be a little ways out so there is time. Trichomes look good even on the really small buds (second photo). Also trichomes below the scrog net as seen here.


Gold leaf pistils are majority brown at this point, especially the buds in the center where light is strongest. I checked the trichomes and saw a few amber but mostly on the sugar leaves. Getting closer, regardless.

Chocolope is on another schedule but the buds seem to be larger than yesterday. Probably subjective bias, but I’ll take the optimism anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Gold Leaf buds with not as many brown pistils but definitely maturing:

Overview of Chocolope:


My growing philosophy in a nutshell! Well said @nostril.


Both your plants look amazing and you have some BotM contenders there IMHO.


Thanks for the compliment. In the words of another grower I admire, “it’s a bit of an optical illusion.”



@nostril, well it’s a damn good illusion then.


you have all the luck :slight_smile: I’m still waiting for the first one


Those are pretty tight nodes/buds on the gold leaf aren’t they? You’re girls look great.


I don’t pretend to have enough experience to compare to other plants, but yes - my GL plant has been very squat this entire time, including on the colas. But even the smallest of buds are very dense. I assumed it was just the indica dominant nature, but other growers don’t seem to have the same look.


Indeed it appears that Chocolope’s buds are swelling. Good news as pistils are still white and they have time to build a bit more.

Gold leaf still has plenty of clearish trichomes with the mature ones being at the tips of sugar leaves. So still a little time there as well.

Here are some photos of Chocolope showing the slightly fatter colas.


They’re filling in now! I bet those will be huge come harvest time :+1: