First indoor grow: SCROG Gold Leaf and Chocolope


By comparison, here are my stouter (and seemingly much more mature) Gold Leaf buds.


@nostril Looking good there. I think we flipped at about the same time, 12/22?

My GL are starting to put on a bit of weight but I think you are a bit ahead of me


I flipped mine on 12/2… just for future reference.


Really nice @nostril. That foxtail is wicked indeed. The Gold Leaf is beautiful! Good Growin’ bro!


One of my taller Chocolope colas, with ol’ Foxtail in the background and a mini Gold Leaf at her feet.

All seems fine. Chocolope may be reacting to too high nute dosage. I’m seeing tip burn on some leaves. I also don’t do any calmag, which may or may not be an issue.


you could try snipping the very top off of those slender fox tail-y buds. that might stund them and make them fatten up. I think I remember reading that somebody did that to some buds anyway to make them fatter. Can’t say for sure it would work but maybe worth a try?


Hah - I did it. And it did work, as near as I can tell.


That’s great! way to go! Glad to see that worked. Gotta remember that one.


Yep, @Bogleg did and suggested it upthread. His results look good but we have to be careful since we don’t know what would have happened in the absence of topping. Unfortunately without a control plant it’s tough to tell.

That said, it’s something I’m considering anyway. I’ve got a few like this so I might have the ability to provide a little more anecdote by just topping one.


Yeah I did it to one top and left the other ones like it alone. Those are still looking foxtailed.


I think I missed that. OK, sold. I just topped the tall one from the photo. :+1:


Here is an example:

Left one I clipped. Right one I didn’t. A few weeks ago they both had that narrow foxtail looking top and looked almost identical.


All that being said I don’t know how these will finish and maybe those tall narrow tops will fill in still. I hope so. But if not I have a trick in my bag now to stop it.


I let the plants see some daylight today. Also wanted to check them out in natural light. A couple of photos.
Gold Leaf:




Hmm. Your GL looks totally different than mine. Way more trichomes. I wonder if I did something wrong?

@Myfriendis410 I believe you’ve grown a couple GLs - did you have different trichome development on them? Look at his pic above, and look at mine a couple weeks further along:


Yours have always looked different than mine; yours are fuller and larger and seem to be somehow less far along (despite your earlier flip). Look at my brown pistils. My feeling is that mine are maybe restricted in the small fabric pots and have decided to just go ahead and start finishing up. Trichomes and THC are a protective mechanism, right? Based on my poor growing skills, maybe GL sent out the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines to protect itself from me. :grin:


Well if that’s the case my SSH caught a ride with your GL.


That’s a solid point… I definitely am not root bound.


Both plants are gorgeous! Nice work


Another shot. My GLs look pretty similar across the board. Lots of trichomes and appearing to want to start closing up shop.