First indoor grow: SCROG Gold Leaf and Chocolope



Ho wmany days since you flipped to 12/12. I’m interested to compare my GL to yours. Hopefully I am a little behind you since (a) yours are better than mine :rofl: and (b) I can get an idea of when to harvest


I think he’s 5 weeks since flipping.

@nostril how are the odors with your fans on an interval? My whole house smells like weed and I probably need to figure out why.


Yep, @Bogleg is pretty close. Flipped 4 weeks ago this past Friday. Closing in on 5.

@Bogleg, the smell is OK in the shed. I exhaust into the shed but I do have an inline carbon filter. The shed is also basically riddled with holes so it’s breathing regularly. The tent smells strong and awesome. I’m sure your house is getting overtaken, considering the look of your grow.


One thing that disappoints me is that I have this section of my grow that’s getting the bulk of the light strength but is relatively weak. Having one panel light in a 4x2 is a bad idea, and that’s well documented here. I’d have done better with two, and I’ll likely do that for the next grow (if I return to indoor growing).

I made the mistake of not biasing my tucks towards the center. I was focused on filling the scrog more than I was focused on getting the strongest branches under the strongest light. I think that’s a key lesson for me here. I have a number of other lessons, which I plan to summarize at the end of the grow. But this one is worth mentioning at this point.

Everything looks happy enough, anyway. I don’t see any ill effects from increasing the dosage of nutes, so I think @dbrn32 may have been right about hungry Gold Leaf.

My colas are relatively short. Hopefully they fatten up and grow a little more in the coming weeks. Overall I shouldn’t complain too much for a first grow. Here are some young GL buds.


I have the same thing. I have a whole quadrant of the GL plant that is directly under my COB rail and it looks like crap compared to the rest of the plant. It’s just that those branches weren’t as strong as the other ones… it’s a lesson for me to learn how to best spread out and manipulate the plant on the trellis better, and a lesson on how I should cull branches earlier in the grow to maximize potential.


Fed today. All is well. SOTS (State of the Scrog):


BOOM! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: looking good


Wow! Really lookin’ good @nostril! Good Growin’ bro!


Plants still seem happy today. Chocolope looked like it had shot up but I hadn’t been measuring so it could just be my imagination. I’m pretty pleased with the trichome development on these things 4 weeks or more from harvest. Enjoying this stage!


Looks boss to me. Nice job.


I also meant to attach this one earlier that shows scale better. Buds aren’t as tall as they seem in some of my other pictures. Don’t want to mislead. :grinning:


Getting things into a stable routine really makes the grow less stressful. My environment is ideal now, I have a watering and feeding routine that seems to be pleasing the girls, and there is daily growth. Currently I’m watering deeply every other day or so, with a small wetting on the day in between to insure against another dry out. I’m using FF Big Bloom micronutrients every full watering, FF Tiger Bloom every other full watering. The wetting day is plain water.

Until the next emergency, this is becoming a much more pleasant grow.

Gold Leaf buds slowly fattening…

Chocolope getting taller with some starting to thicken up. Interesting grow pattern with those top sugar leaves kind of sprouting alone. It’s not unique to one bud so I’m assuming this isn’t abnormal:


@nostril. That’s exciting to see someone in a zone. Plus it’s makes things so much easier. I strive to get into a zone just like you Nostril but there’s usually some outside occurrence that’s throws a wrench into the works. Good for you.


Good Growin’ bro! They look better every time I check. Looks like good response to your nutes. R U full strength on everything? Stellar garden!


Yeah that does look really nice. Good job and keep up the nice work. I can’t wait to get my gold leaf started. I hope it turns out as nice as yours. Well done!


Hey, thanks to both for the kind words. Not the nicest grow on these forums by a long shot but I’m still happy it’s growing.

Yes, I am full strength on the nutes at this point, which is 4 tbsp/gallon of big bloom and 3 tsp/gallon of tiger bloom.


So here is that weird looking grow pattern on Chocolope’s tips. Sugar leaves are outpacing the buds significantly. Just immature buds or something I’m able to address? This is relatively consistent even where PAR is highest (center bottom of light).


Looks like a big long foxtail?


Maybe? But I thought I was supposed to see stacking when that happened. Here are some other Chocolope buds.


I have similar ones on my GL:

A couple that look almost identical to yours. If you remember I am attempting the “bud stacking” experiment on one of the bigger colas I had that was doing it a few weeks ago.