First indoor grow: SCROG Gold Leaf and Chocolope


Well…YEAH! Good pick on what is needed. :+1:


Thanks @bob31 et al. Sorry for the late response. I had to leave town for the holidays and leave my girls alone after a deep flush. Coming back after 6 days, I found the Gold Leaf health to be much improved. All new growth is fine. Still visible are the burned tips on the old growth. I feel quite sure that this was nutrient burn given the timing of onset (2 days after first feeding) and the fact it has retreated after a flush.

Meanwhile, we are within 4” of the scrog net. I suspect I’ll be doing some tying down within a week or so.


They look great @nostril very Healthy!


I’m 1” - 3” away from the net at this point. Good coverage from the top but obviously that’ll change when I start training. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped but I do think things look pretty good.


Looks crowded, and healthy


Yeah I wish my scrog were lower; seems like I’m a bit high. I’m sure it’ll work in the end but maybe shorten for next time.


Raise up your pot to get her into the screen. I used two bricks @nostril


Oh boy, @bob31. Of course! I feel silly for not thinking of it. I’ll move them up tomorrow and give them another low branch trim. Thanks a million.


On my homemade rig, I had screw holes every inch or so to adjust it as needed.


It’s good to get airflow around the pot as well and I found that worked well! We all learn new ideas everyday! @nostril


Just my opinion if you remove some of those big fan leaves say the big ones on the end of each cola. You’ll see a really big burst in growth of you plant and all the bottom of the plant will be exposed and start to grow for you. But nice job and great setup


Thanks for the input. I’ve trimmed a few of the larger fan leaves as well as cleaning up overgrown areas down low that weren’t ever going to reach the net. Eager to see where it goes.


Tucking and tying has begun. I could probably trim a few more fan leaves.


IMHO, just got done with my first attempt at SCROG, and I found that topping the plant and letting it go for a few days started making it easier to see which branches should be trained in which direction. I ended up with a “not-tangled” spidery looking plant with a decent yield.

Remember, you are going to be training the shoots coming out above each fan-leaf. Anecdotal, but I found that the shoots that had fan leaves left at the base did generally better than those where I snipped them. They produced more side-branches with decent size cola.


You can check out my “banned by the establishment” grow here, and I have documented some hits and misses along the way.


Well, today I decided to bump up my pots a little farther and really get them into the net. I’m at 11+ weeks of veg and it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. Doing this was a bit of work since I had to remove the frame completely, which meant untying what I’d done already, then replacing everything and really being gentle and careful with my colas to get them adjusted to their new horizontal life. Things look pretty bendy and hectic (see the photo) but I can tell immediately how much more light is reaching the important spots. I tucked the big fan leaves below the canopy so that they still produce some energy for the plants but don’t shade things where it’s important.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they grow in the coming days. Hopefully it’ll look much more organized than it does currently. I would call this 50%+ filled, though it’s hard to tell because you’re looking at the underside of a lot of the leaves. Once we get some new growth, I’ll have a better idea. Hopefully I can go 12/12 before long.


More organized already today. I did some more tucking and hit with the last round of veg nutes. I’m about to see what kind of stretch I can expect with these strains so I can properly time flowering. We are maybe, what, 70% here?


Here’s an overhead today. Wow, things are looking much more organized each day. I really should have moved these up more when @bob31 suggested it. I only used one brick height per plant. Now they’re on cinder blocks instead. Always learning.

I fed them with a light nute application yesterday, as I mentioned. Based on what I’ve read, it’s not bad to go into flowering with some residual growth nutrients in the soil since the first weeks are really a growth period anyway. With that in mind, I’m considering flipping tomorrow to 12/12. Anyone here have thoughts based on what they see in my photos? I am guessing I’ll have a week or two of continued growth and tucking after the switch.



@nostril I’d flip to the 12/12 lights. I recommend the Bloom nutes start the same way as the light switch. The first pistils signify the beginning of flowering…


Thanks @bob31. I have set up the timer to swap starting tomorrow and will apply bloom nutes. Looking forward to some flowering fun.