First indoor grow: SCROG Gold Leaf and Chocolope


Jeezus bro! @nostril those are spectacular! Much Respect…:cowboy_hat_face:


Hey, thanks. I can’t really take any credit, though. We will see the true results when gauging yield and quality. On that note, I’m hoping for about 1.5oz of GL and 2.5-3oz of Chocolope, just based off how they look today. Total yield of 4oz would please me either way.


You are going to to get way more than 4oz…


Eh, we’ll see. But thanks for the vote of confidence! And happy :birthday: day.


All continues to proceed. Not much noticeable difference in GL these days. Chocolope is entertaining me, though. SOTS:

The Grow Goddess and a Chocoloupe Seed

Those look great! Wow


Here’s a fun photo of the SCROG comparing the two from the front. The height difference between the two is interesting. Maybe related to the indica dominant nature of GL vs. sativa dominant Chocolope, or maybe just environmental/grow conditions.


That’s awesome picture. Great angle! I have gold leaf seeds but I’m waiting to drop them cuz I want to do it with some blue dream that are on their way here. Still waiting on those though.
So I really appreciate you putting these pics up especially the gold leaf. Looks like a beautiful, hardy plant a little more squatty which is a okay. Like you said probably a little more indica expressing through? Very nice job.


Sorry I fell a little behind here, glad that bump in feeding worked out! Plants look great dude, nice job!

Do you feel adding those fluorescent floods helped out a little?


It’s hard to know without having the alternative to compare. But I’ve got five of the floods and one smaller CFL to total three on each side. Those are still my thinnest colas but are they bigger than they would have been otherwise? Maybe. I mean, they’re getting more light either way, so I’m guessing there’s got to be some benefit.

Once I cut GL, I’ll pull those CFLs out and center my panel over the Chocolope to finish. Should be plenty of coverage at that point.


Looking good! I’d attribute the height difference to the sativa vs indica dominance for sure. Both look really nice!


Today is the 7 week anniversary of pistils showing, and 59 days since flip.

Gold Leaf in some natural light looks good. Trichome photos showing (to my eye) milky with some clear.


Chocolope bud photos, including ol’ foxtail:




That Foxtail is far out! Kuckin’ Filler Man!


Well, I spent a bunch of time checking trichomes today. Surprise! Gold Leaf is ready to cut. She’s only had a week of plain water so we’ll see how it goes. I plan to cut tonight before the lights come on at 11:30. Thoughts are welcome, but this looks in the sweet spot to me.


I see amber! Just another day or two. :grin:


Plucked tonight. After a rough wet trim, here’s what I have. I didn’t take a wet weight, but will definitely get one dry. Made me a little bit sad to cut her down. :frowning:

I’m still feeling like 1.5oz - 2 oz is a realistic estimate. The pile at photo top right is popcorn buds and trim. I may dump some of those popcorn buds; they were below the canopy and look like some kind of sick deep-sea creature. That pile will turn to oil.


Congratulations. Now you’ll be rewarded for your hard work.
I know what you mean about being kind of sad when you cut it down. I know it sounds weird but when I cut mine down I feel kind of “down” but excited for how it’s going to turn out all the same time. I totally understand what you’re feeling though and I had to chuckle cuz I think the same way.
Anyway great job enjoy your grow and your harvest.


Very nice haul! I always feel sad when cutting down one of my babies. You care for and nurture them for months and then kill them. It does seem a bit cruel. But look at all those beautiful buds! :wink:


Curious about your drying method @nostril. You dry in paper bags or something similar?