First indoor grow need help 🤔

Leaves on my Girl Scout extreme from ilgm seedling are curling up and are really light green not quiet yellow but heading that way, :man_shrugging:t3: Ec is .06 And ph was to high at 7+ but we’ve brought that back down to 6, are the curling leaves from the high ph or something else?? Also had a fairly cold snap over the weekend so could this be the cause ( grow room stayed at Around 10- 15 degrees Celsius ( not sure what that is in Fahrenheit) Any comments or advise appreciated emphasized text

maybe to much light for them right now


Will raise the light and c how we go ,appreciated! Also drained the reservoir and and started fresh so fingers crossed!!

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Big improvement today, have raised the light a little and as I said drained the reservoir and started fresh, :100: % improvement today :sunglasses: Before and after