First Indoor Grow - Midwest

PiratedSoldier- what a day! I detailed it all in the only thread I have going now. It’s called "Music Trivia with Patch/name that tune. Not sure what your age is but you should drop by. I post the lyrics from a song and you all have to guess what it is. If you are interested let me know, and let me know what kind of music you like. That way I could pick one or two out so you have a shot at winning. I used to work in radio for about 9 years as an announcer (dj). So I have a LOT of music stored in my head. I dont know how I remember so much of it, but I do. We are closing in on the 200th song. Please feel free to join! We have a good group of players. I will get back with you very soon. The doc was way behind and overbooked. Got there at 3:00pm, and left at almost 6:00pm. Oh, duh, I post the song around 2:00pm central time in the states. Peace…


Day 35 - Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Cali Dream

I did some flushing yesterday along with a bit of LST.

The girls were flushed to 5.2-5.34ph and around 5000+PPM, so it does confirm that the measurements check out. The girls are still looking good, my plan is to slowly raise and lower their ph and PPM over the reset of the week.

I have also added one extra hour of night for them, they are now 17/7 with the light around 18” from highest canopy.

Still running 70% power but have added UV to the other RED boosted light.

It’s starting to get a bit crowded inside the tent. This will be interesting during flower.


Day 36 Veg- Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Cali Dream

Well the girls are still looking fine. Maybe they have zero cares being in low pH and high PPM. They just keep growing without fail or issue.

I was looking at Rey and Leia a bit more now that they are closer in size. Interestingly, I believe that Rey and Ash are flipped. As they are starting to show their sizes a bit more Leia and Ash look more similar than Rey and Leia. So I believe I swapped the seeds. At the time of soaking I couldn’t find my sharpie so I just put tape on the glass that I believed was Rey. Well at least getting to this point I was able to determine who is who now.


Here’s some closeups of the girls.


Day 38 Veg - Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Cali Dream

I’m going to be setting up their trellis this weekend. The girls are now on a 16/8 until Sunday night.

I will also be doing another flush to continue to lower the PPM and being the pH up to 5.7.

Still not showing any signs of issues on the girls. Rey is sitting at 15” with Ashnikko and Miley at 13” and Leia is now 8”.

Room is definitely going to be a challenge so I will probably look at more training at in terms of pruning tomorrow to try and start working towards even canopy.


Well the girls PPM is down know to 2200+ with a pH between 5.5-5.8 amongst the girls.

With their larger stature now I’ve removed their larger fans that are just acting as solar panels. This should help open them up to start working on their branches.

I have their trellis built but won’t install it until Wednesday as I just flushed and and pruned I want some working room to see how the girls are doing.


Forgot to add all the close ups for the girls.


Day 43 Veg - Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Cali Dream

I thought I would post a little update. I’m currently traveling but the girls were flushed one last time last night. Bringing their pH and PPM in target range.

I’ve done a bit more pruning to them. When I return they will be ready for their flip to full flower schedule along with receiving their flower nutrients.


They are looking good soldier!! Keep up the good work!! Peace…

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Rey won’t slow her growth down. I’m going to have to either trim her more than I’d like or get creative with some ties cause she currently is 4” over the second tallest.

Or put the second tallest on a stand where she is even with Rey. Just a thought…

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Well as a fun side part to my trip, let’s play how many problems can you spot?

@patchman @imSICKkid @Low @AfgVet @MadamCalamity @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32

From my one eyed point of view I don’t see a whole lot of problems. I see yellowing leaves which is normal during flower. The plant on the far left might need a little nitrogen, and make sure they have calmag too. Not bad at all!!! Peace…

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Just looks hungry overall to me :metal:t2:


Me too. Except for one that appears to be laying on its side? That’s no good either.


Yes that was my absolute first walk up. I told my cousin I don’t think your plant is thriving, or it’s confused where and how to absorb light.

It appears my cousin was just basically throwing them in a pot and then just saying “good luck, I’ll pick you back up when you turn 18.”

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Day 48 - Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Cali Dream

Well the girls grew quite a bit while I was gone. I will be doing some more pruning today along with a full flush before starting their flower feeding.

I can see that Rey has some slight discoloration so I can tell she’s ready for some nutrients to start being added back in.

Snipped off a clone, I’ll be setting up a sport for her latter today.

As a side note. Midwest birds like to eat bamboo. So I’ve now got to plant more and cage them.

Rey Leaves.


Well your cousins plants aren’t gonna do much more then they are now. They are just going to eat themselves and stop bud production until they die off. Even if he does add nutrients, the plants are already so stunted that the yields will be airy and next to nothing.


I didn’t imagine his plants are going to so hot. Walking up to one laying on the ground I figured they stopped giving him subtle hints.

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