First indoor grow journal.... enjoy!

Lol about a month now

Higher humidity is fine thru most of the grow and keeping the temp in good range of the VPD will be good. Only issue with higher humidity is in the last month of flowering, try to keep it below 60RH to avoid mold and mildew problems.

Good morning gromies, sorry for the delay on my update. Things have been busy here. The girls are doing wonderful. So good that I decided to do an experiment. I decided to take my autos and use them as a learning opportunity: I waited as long as I could stand it to water them (7 days) since I hit them heavy the previous week. They didnt start drooping until Tuesday morning. Before I watered I decided to test the autos: I fimmed 2, I pulled 2 down for LST, and I let 2 grow natural, my 7th is the runt (left it alone since its limping along😁). I already had them switched to 20/4 light schedule so I just watered them really well (150ml each) and left them alone to heal. I checked on them Wednesday before bed and they were doing great!! Really hearty healthy plants. I love them so. Ok, time for work. I will take pics as soon as I get out of work. Enjoy!!


So guys, I was in hazmat class til 6pm and their whole time my enviro control was working fine. Got home after 9 and passed out. I got up this morning and much to my dismay, there was frost on windows and my wifi had lost signal through the night. That was all my climate control. Lights came on at 3 but climate control didnt. It was 40° and rising so I dont know how cold for how long but my girls all looked sad except 1. I turned on heater and lowered lights to try to slowly warm them up. It was time for a drink as well. I gave them a 100ml drink so as not to shock em. I have an offline heater that is temp control I am going to put in tonight since “winter is coming”. A friend suggested I use co2 bags and recirculate air so I dont pull freezing air in from outside. Any opinions or experiences on this? This first grow was a learning curve I accepted that before I started. I am still asking myself if cocoa or hydro is worth a shot. Sorry no photos short on time so I will after work tonight. Promise.

@neofraud_811 LOL (I guess we are learning together ) ,I was panicking 2 weeks ago .I was told the preferred temps is 75-85F .But weed can take temps as low as 35F. As long as your temps get up to 65-75F during the day. Anything lower than that you need to break out the green house heater.

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Ok. Thanks @KoolHandLuke maybe they were looking like that because I didnt water enough the last time. I did notice the leaves are losing that super dark Nitrogen overload look. I wonder if they are just getting hungry. They went in soil the 20th of August. All were out and stretching up on the 22nd.

@neofraud_811 slightly under watered is way better than over watered. Your roots will expand to look for water. Your root system is everything. Big roots big buds. Watch the color of the leaves and the droop. They will tell you what they want

I added aloe Vera , humic acids ,recharge , cytokinin hormones .All is great stuff for the root system

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@KoolHandLuke, are those autos?

No, LOL they are around 3ft tall plus the pot ,so about 4ft tall and they are starting to stretch. So I’m expecting another 2ft in the next 3 weeks. . I just transplantation them to 15gal grow bags . They are going to be big girls

Week 12 , first week of flower

Definitely starting fems this cycle

@Mark0427, if you go to the top 3 posts you can see. Totally out of my control. Had to grow there.

So ur just in a garage is it a wide open garage or u confined to a smaller area. ?? If wide open try getting some of the 1 inch foam 4x8 sheets its shiny silver on one side and mine was green and whiter on the other side. Build urself a little corner just big enough for the plants maybe that will help hold some heat in from the light for you. Worth a shot i think itll help if ur just in a wide open spot. Not sure on ur exact setup

The geto corner tent

Thats it right there. I think itll hold in some heat for u like this. Hey. Where theres a will theres a way right.

[quote=“Mark0427, post:157, topic:51926”]
Where theres a will theres a way right

Absolutely, that’s why its outside. I insulated the crap out of it. I’m glad I did and I am glad these are such hearty plants because they already look better. Now, do these look a little over watered? I may have jumped to 200 ml a little early. Learning curve and all. Well, here is promised pics.


They look good , better than me when I started

Get to know the pots weight dry no moisture at all. Best ways to tell if she is dry finger test works but weight test is best. Make sure when u water not to get the leaves wet it looks like the one has spots from being wet maybe. Well hope thats what it is

Some pics of my ladies.