First indoor grow journal.... enjoy!

Hi there, welcome, if you are tagged it is because I have read your posts and found you happy and helpful with myself and others. Feel free to invite others.
I am going to post all necessary info when I get home. Just wanted to get my journal made and started. Background: I have 1 out of 4 outdoor grows turn out but they were over 15 years ago. My room is in the garage upper storage area and since I live in Michigan I get the pleasure of all 4 seasons. I am aware that it is not the ideal conditions but you will see that I have made extra efforts to keep Mother Nature out and the ladies comfortable.
I am very open to constructive advice/criticism. My goal at moment is to have a fun and rewarding experience.
Brace yourself for this tho…I dont partake in the fruits of my labor😲 (feel free to ask)

  • I’m starting with Gorilla Glue Auto (gold leaf and zkittles fem next)
  • Method: FFOF
  • Vessels: Rapid Rooter pucks to 5 Gal. Fabric pots
  • PHing water 6.5 to 6.8
  • no nutrients until week 4 (I am using Mykos in pucks and have DE for pots
  • Indoor room setup in garage
  • HLG QB288 lights (2 RSPEC board’s one triple heatsink)
  • temps vary from 55 to 78 (67 average in room)
  • humidity is more stable at 55 to 65%
  • Cloudline 6" exhaust, 4" tube for intake
  • I have heater, humidifier/dehumidifier avail. Will be getting AC
  • no CO2
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Looking good! Good soil, good seeds and great lights. I rarely partake in the fruits of my labor also. Mostly grow for my wife with Lyme disease.


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So I started this 2 weeks ago with this:

Turned it to this:

And then to this with a lot of work, wood and insulation :grin::grin::


Thanks @BobbyDigital I am for two family members w/cancer. Will eventually want to make butter or oil.


So, I am hanging lights and running air system this weekend. I will soak my pucks and seeds Sunday night. Just wanted to get this journal running. I look forward to take this journey many times with you all, my green thumbed family!


Question for anyone available…I read somewhere that distilled water is best for soaking seeds, true?


@neofraud_811 look like you have a great start. I can’t wait to see how your grow go. Remember to stop yourself from doing too much .It’s weed ,they will grow like weeds. Give them only what they need and get out of the way


Tap water is fine ,but distilled water will not hurt


:rofl::rofl::rofl:Great advice @KoolHandLuke I’m a little too anxious at times. I deliberately made myself wait till Sunday to start the seeds because of that​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Cool on the water too thanks.



Thanks for the tag, I deeply appreciate it. Respect love and positivity! World needs more it, hand them a great joint of something you grew yourself!

Based off your diligence alone, you got a green thumb. You will do great!

Am going to chill on your journey.

Am following…


@neofraud_811 Thanks for the tag i will follow your grow. HAPPY GROWING


Looking nice! Keep them temps in check. I’m set to watching. Happy growing brotha✌️


I dont smoke a lot anymore, but I grow for enjoyment, I also grow for medicine and to exercise my legal and ethical right to grow. I grow the best plants I can, as big as I can and provide the end results of a years effort to those that need or enjoy it. Of course, I save some for myself :laughing:.
Id like to welcome you to our family/forum and let you know that some of the best people and growers in the world are here. Some of the examples of cannabis these people grow are absolutely stunning! Im blown away with many of the growers here. Im also quite excited to see new growers come here to learn because in the process we all learn something new.
Now for the advice part, enjoy the process. Do not expect to be yanking a pound a plant in the beginning, all things in time. I highly suggest you find the person that represents the grow style you would like to try and follow along in a grow with that person as a mentorship. This is a very effective approach.
Have fun!!


I appreciate your wisdom, you are a great grower and very knowledgeable, you have helped me a lot with my questions :+1:


What can be done when that smell invades the grow tent room :thinking: I have a cloudline ac 4 ,filter is 9 months old :man_shrugging:t3: All help appreciated :raising_hand_man:t3:

Well for one thing, many growers have been displeased with the 4 inch cloudline as it doesnt move much air. That said, nobody complains about the 6 inch unit. I run one andbit works fantastic. Next I would ask what kind of filter are you using? How large is your tent? How are you dealing with your waste air after it has been filtered? Do you have the pre filter clothe over the filter can? Have you been running your system with the carbon filter all the time? Or only when the plants get smelly? When the humidity is high it can cause the carbon to break down, some cans do better in this department than others.
In my opinion, when dealing with ventilation and smell, size matters, its always better to buy a size bigger than what is recommended, not because you need more power but because they are more efficient run at half power and they last way longer. Better bearing life in the fans, longer effective filtration in the carbon filters.
If you are venting a tent into a room, not recommended! I would find a way to vent to the outdoors. Thats very much like breathing into a paper bag.


Of course, the best way to keep uour house smelling fresh… is to grow outside!


Thank you for the tag. Can’t see any problems with the water. Just love what you’ve done with the loft space :heart_eyes:
@Chas59 filter filter filter for smell buddy. A slower air flow through a bigger filter if you can. I have a filter in my tent for the exhaust, another in the same room just as a scrubber and another from the room to an external exhaust vent :sunglasses:


Appreciate the tag, your space has so much potential for an excellent Growzone.

Good vibes, good luck :v: