First indoor grow in soil


32x32x63 .


I have the HLG320 in a 3 x 3, wonderful…made such a difference from the blurple. My hat’s off to @dbrn32 for the assistance.


I’ll tag along and watch if its ok.:hugs::woman_farmer:


I love my QB 120s @dbrn32 helped me with. It was a lot easier than I expected. The girls are looking good. Your doing a great job with them.
Sorry I’m not on much and if I neglected any questions. Hubby is doing ok in ICU. Open heart Monday. All 3 main coronary arteries are occluded. I have to say, he is in great hands with awesome nurses and one of the best cardiothorasic surgeons in our state. I used to work beside them so I know he’s in good hands. Thank you for your prayers. Happy growing :v::green_heart:


I can probably come up with a design that would be two lights total you could do 1 now and another later using some 560mm strips. Do you have easy access to any aluminum?


No but could round one up somewhere.


Just keep an eye out for something you can grab cheap or free. A 12"x24"x1/8" or bigger piece of plate will work. Aluminum bar stock, angle, channel, or anything like that really. If not, I’ll find some heatsink extrusion


Good to hear all is well… @dbrn32 is fixing me up right now!! We are FLOWERING!!!:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: switched over little while ago. So it begins!!! OMGOODNESS!!! Rattled nerves before??? Gonna have to refill stash jar early this week!!:scream::scream::scream:


Ok. I can do that.


@dbrn32 I found this in my yard! I can cut to size.155156271994715484274494406801|374x500


Let me go take another pic or did you get that?


Nope that pic didn’t load…love the stash jar, very cool :slightly_smiling_face: new additional lights in the works, how exciting!


Yeah switching schedules and lights in one day!! Sooo exciting!!!


EDIT :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


I want that jar to be the first I fill!!:grin::grin::grin:


@dbrn32 this bar isn’t aluminium too heavy. I have sheet metal I can cut. Its painted. Will that work or keep on looking?


@GreenJewels can you send me a pic of yours?


@SteveC can you show me a pic? Plz👩‍🌾


Keep looking. You’ll want a clean flat surface, and will need to specifically be aluminum or copper. Copper is hella expensive, so I generally don’t even mention it.