First indoor grow in soil


OMG! That was awesome!


They survived!!! The nute change seems to agree with GG Looks like she stretched 1/2" between nodes & showing more hairs. GG day 44

she is reaching this am!! EMA day 45 isn’t doing much. I give her 1st flower feed yesterday. How long do I keep her tied down? And should I get more lighting now? I have 600w led + 2/ 28w led f/s bulbs on side for each. And taking a chance here on asking maybe a stupid question. EMA still has first set leaves GG She is fighting lst. She wont stay down.


Looking at the photos the plants look great. It looks like GG is read to transition to flowering. She sure did respond to the changes you made.


Oh man thank you for getting back!! I did like what GG looked like this am. Being that Im home with them 99% of my time. So yeah I look to much probably but even so I saw the growth!! Im cant believe how much they can change in a few hours. Should I switch her over or keep her in veg for a bit? And do you think I have enough lighting for 32×32×63 tent. Amazon blurple 600w + 2/28w on sides? Any thoughts you can share? I wish I only had 1 strain for my first grow​:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I saw @dbrn32 shows diy lights. If need be I’ll make a light to make sure I have enough.


Getting nervous!! Time to destress!!:yum::yum::yum::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I can help with diy light if you’re interested in doing one.


I am so very much. THANK YOU!! Just reading @Iw769. So yes indeed if you can guide me please dont hold back.


And btw Congratulations to you and @MattyBear 2019 moderators. Sorry I’m slow but I’m learning my way around this forum being that I’ve been in the shadows for a bit too long. Getting there :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thank you!


Your very welcome. I see what you do and how much time you invest in helping everyone. I’m excited that maybe you will tag along with my very inexperienced (like…I know not much at all) new grow. And @MattyBear @OldSchoolGrower @monkman @Olddog2270 and anyone else. I will take heed to all because I feel the only way I can do this successfully is with your guidance. So please do. Thanks so much


Thanks so much and I’m here if you need anything :wink::v::bear:


If it were me I would flip to 12/12. The GG May double in size during the stretch.

You may only be drawing 128 watts from the wall. From what I have learned the if the 28watt lights are cfl they will not help much unless they are very close to the plants. They just don’t have the penetration needed. I have an HLG300 that is drawing approx 290 watts. If you could upgrade you may want to entertain that option. Let @dbrn32 know what your looking to do and he can give you great options. I built a HLG135 for my 2x2, if your at all handy you can build a light.

You’re doing great and about to enter a new phase.


Thank you. I’m sure I’ll take you up on it. If you could peek in every once in awhile with up OR down will be appreciated.:hugs::hugs::hugs::woman_farmer:


looks like you are doing a great job @Angie, keep up the good work hun!


Thanks @Bubblehead that’s done. 12/12 right? I switch her nutes too? Just fed yesterday for the 4th time and already ready getting light to pick up. @dbrn32 said he would help me with lighting…all I can say is thank goodness for finding all of y’all. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you @monkman. Yall may not know but I’ve really learned alot from all the posts. Very helpful but it’s even better & alot more fun anyways to jump in the middle and play show and tell and cry for help when needed! Who needs facebook!!! Lol! I dont do fb anyway! This is the best place ever!! Looking forward to hear any suggestions!


@GreenJewels anything you can point out will be accepted and appreciated. I want to thank you for helping me to feel better and more at ease intermingling with everyone. You seem to be very kind. Thank you. I hope all finds you and yours well.:star_struck::star_struck::woman_farmer:


@dbrn32 I’m a devoted diy’er.

Do you have any suggestions on something affordable to add to lighting I already have? At least until I get a couple of grows behind me.


For 3x3 tent?