First indoor grow in soil


Oh, I’m not so average :grin: so you remember the Syd Barrett days and albums.


@GreenJewels I hope he is alright. My thoughts and prayers with you and your family. Glad you took control of the situation. I hope is recovers well.


Oh yea! Some of my favorite albums are when he was still with the band.


@Angie I am using Roots Organic because I wanted something organic. Plus they had the 5ML pack as an introduction to the system. I’m thinking about changing because I have at least 6 different nutes to add to the water when I’m feeding. I would like to go to something less labor intensive. Of course I couldn’t go half way with my fist grow and have 6 plants on the go. I think most nutes are similar they just approach feeding a little differently. I look at it kind of like fishing. If you ask a fisherman his favorite lure he tell you the one that he had the best luck last time they were out. Growers will go with recommendations, that’s how I ended up with Roots, now I’m researching something else for my next grow. Ultimately it will be what I feel most comfortable with and have the best luck.


Do I??!!! That was when pink floyd was pink floyd. Psychedelic times taking trips to the moon and never leave the farm!!:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: Back in the day​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Omgoodness Jewels I’m so sorry to hear. I’ll say a prayer also. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier.


Yeah. I dont like all the mixing. Too many add ons to boot. Cant afford all of them. I saw in another post that mc was good. I’m looking for nutes that are easy and efficient and not so many different bottles to mix. To much.
Until then I use what I have with molasses and Epsom salts. EMA BB GB TB 1/2 stregnth & BB GB 1/2 for GG. Do I drop ph down from 6.5.


If her run off ph was good last time, stay at pH 6.5 in.


And thank you. :blush: He’s stable but will be heading for a triple bypass on Monday after his heart has rested.


Wish him the best and you too Jewels.


Ok here’s the thing…I haven’t gotten any run off yet. I went ahead and fed.
EMA 1/2 dose BB.GB.&TB. GG#4 2/3 BB& 1/3 GB. Ph’d 6.4. Ppm EMA was 280 & GG was 281. Does that sound right?? I measure how much I feed by cups. The last feed was 4 cups and GG wilted so bad I thought I killed her. This feed 3 cups for GG and 3.5 EMA. This feed my r/o was 1441 ppm & 6.3 ph. I’m not sure what’s going on here. I still haven’t had r/o from GG. I’m going to blaze on this. GG drooped down again and I decreased to 3 cups. Fed over a 30 minute time.

Her soil had more compost as for EMA I mixed alot more peat.


EMA @ feeding. She’s growing up!! Awww! She make me so proud!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:Lol20190301_115057|374x500



I took a pic of hermie today and thought about it all the way home so as soon as I walked in I stripped and showered.

Idk if you can make it out or not. Didnt want to get to much in its space. at least it’s got good company​:sunglasses::sunglasses:



Love it! Thanks! I can play as I surf ILGM!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: how did you do that? I tried to share a video with you about hydro but I couldnt. Not authorized or something. I’m just learning enough to go through and find new topics every day.


What did you think of the hermie? It’s been a out 2 hrs since I fed the girls. Gotta go look :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Your very welcome :v::green_heart: Oh maybe ya have to be on here longer and get past the “basic user” status. It won’t take long. Keep reading journals, liking post’s and stuff. It won’t take long.


Ok. That shouldn’t be a problem. If I’m not all up in the middle of things here it wont be long I’ll be checking trying not to miss anything. But I still do. I’m catching on. Stayed hovering in the shadows to long I guess. But HAYYYYYYYY!!! I’m not lurking anymore!!! :hugs::heart_eyes::rofl: Lol


Glad he is stable. Keep us up to date on his recovery.