First indoor grow in soil


In my case, I should have continued to give veg nute longer. Ideally, I should have continued to give them for at least a week past my 12/12 change.

On thing I have noticed is that most new growers and I am definitely in this group, want to love the plants to death. Another mistake I made was increasing my nutrient level too fast. Oh well, I’ve always said this is a learning event, if they survive and I get a little stash I will consider it a success.


@GreenJewels I’m glad you shared that. I wasn’t sure if my gals were at the right size and stage they are supposed to be. I feel I had a slow start with nutes. So hearing that eases my mind…Thank you. I need to check your grow out.

@Bubblehead I’m doing same as you. I don’t want to burn but I dont want them doing without either. Play is as we go and see what happens. If my girls turn out half as good as yours I’ll consider that a success!!! Lol. Thanks again


@Angie thank you for the complement. I guess maybe I’m too hard on myself and a little over critical of the plants. Feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose learning about these fine ladies. Learned a lot from @GreenJewels she is one of the good ones.


Ok. It’s time. EMA is getting first dose of Tiger Bloom. 1/2 dose along with 1/2 dose each BB & GB. What do you guys think??
I’m going to keep GG on BB&GB 1/2 dose this feed. Or should I give her TB too? 15514007047486228987103220853574|374x500 I mixed each in their own jug. Can I mix all three together before I feed or is it best to feed individually? If so how do I find total ppm? I hope I didnt wait too long.
The kids wasnt playing with this so I refurbed it. (they"ll never know).:wink:I wanted to use rubber coated tie wire but had more of this tie string. Ha! I hope I get to use it!! Lol!!

Help me make the right decision please. Really nervous about increasing nutes.
Can you guess what I’m listening to?



@GreenJewels did I read the you are using FF trio?


Yes, I started with the trio on my first grow. I added more fox farms nutes as I grew more and learned more. The first addition was sledgehammer for flush.


I dont have sledgehammer yet. I will before next fri. How did you mix and feed?


I have been giving equal amounts of BB&GB. Is it better to mix all 3 together to get ppm then feed?


This is the chart I used on my 1st grow. I use a different one now that I’ve added more of the FF nutes. I don’t start feeding until there colydones turn yellow. That’s when I started week 1 on the chart at half strength. I had soil with fox farm Happy frog and ocean warrior soil at that time and didn’t want to fry them. I did half strength
I start with my gallon of water then add each nutes listed ( at half strength). Make sure you don’t mix the nutes together and then add that to water, doesn’t work that way. Always add each nute to water and stir well in between. Then I check the PPM’s and adjust the pH to 6.5 or whatever I need it at. I’m still learning on the nutes. I have learned not to stop the high nitrogen nutes too soon( grow big) I was switching to week 5 right at first sign of flower and learned to give week 4 until she was flowering a little more to get more veg growth out of her. I’ll have to think who else has used FF that could advise much better than me. Have you ever used FF nutes @blackthumbbetty? Your good at nute advice regardless. So is @raustin but I haven’t seen her around lately.
I hope I helped answer your question.


Oh, and I love Pink Floyd :grin::v::green_heart:


Sorry, I really have no idea about Fox Farms. I know they have several schedules out there.


Sorry I don’t use FF nutes, it looks like @GreenJewels has you set up. I have more Pink Floyd albums than the average person knows exists.


Yeah I’m figuring right I sound like we are all pretty close in age. CLASSIC ERA!:sunglasses:


I do too! My eldest brother babysat us younger kids so we listened to his music. He was 10 yrs older so I’ve been listening to the good rock n roll since very young (that’s been along time):older_woman:


@GreenJewels thank you for chart. I’m wondering did you mix nutes(1 at a time) in same jug or keep them in separate jugs and feed each separately? And does the ph need to be lower than 6.5? What are you using now? It’s got to be as good or better if you changed?


I had sooo many good albums until Hurricane Rita '05 took everything that was left on my property after evacuating. Life carries on!! Sooo what nutes are you using right now?


EDIT…If I’m figuring right it sounds like we are all pretty close in age.


I put all the nutes in the same water jug, mixing well between each. I use these FF nutes and chart

I recently got a free sample of megacrop and started using it with my DWC. It’s a lot easier to not do all that measuring and mixing. If I do another soil grow I will try it out in soil too. I won’t let the FF nutes go to waste. I was happy with the results from them. It’s just all that measuring of multiple nutes. Megacrop is supposed to be good for the whole grow. It’s from Greenleaf nutrients. They still have the samples on the website and ya pay just shipping. We’ll see how it grows :grinning:. My hubby had a heart attack last night so I’m at the hospital and kinda out of my mind a bit right now. I’ll be checking in here to help keep my nerves calm. I’m so thankful I was a cardiac nurse before I had to retire on disability. He didn’t want to go to hospital due to the bills. I called 911 and said your going.


Oh and I add cal mag due to my QBs, they make the plants require more. I’m also learning the QB’S make my plants want more food in general