First indoor grow in soil


I started the same way. I was in the tent several times on Saturday and Sunday. Worried about them all day. I still think about them but don’t have to be in the tent all the time. They are such cool plants I just want to look at them!


There’s so much information available. It’s hard not to get in there and experiment with every little thing that you read about. But in almost all cases, I’ve found less is more. You can always add more of something later.


Yeah I do know what you mean. Its hard to keep away and now its like im obsessed with tieing & tucking leaves. Poor babies. Ill have to try a little bit harder. Lol


I gather as much as i possibly can. Im so glad i found this place because if you can find out anything one needs to know. Its great!! I enjoy the lessons i have learned so far and look forward to lessons to come.


Hey there friends!!! I have been worried about the weather. Its been crazy. Too much rain…foggy every morning humid nasty days 78° one day and 64° another with cold nights. I have been watching GG really close since the light issue so during my wake n bake time with the girls this am I spotted this.

I don’t really know whether or not to be excited. Did the light change force flower to soon and screw the quality? Is there anything I can do to increase quality and quantity as of now? EMA seems to be fattening up a little to me. Same advise needed for her too please. What steps should I be taking to increase quality and quantity of bud. Early Miss Auto is supposed to produce big compact buds from Big Bud side anyways. I want to make sure I’m doing all that I can do for them right now. Thank you all for the help!!:woman_farmer: Ya’ll have a good day!!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like you have two autos like you suspected. What lighting schedule are they on now, 18/6? I think the plants look really healthy I’d keep doing what your doing. If I’m reading your journal correctly your plants are month old now. Is that correct?


Thank you @Bubblehead for getting back to me. I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. Worrying if I should make changes or shouldn’t. Yes they have a 18/6 light schedule. EMA broke ground 1/13 and GG 1/14 so 1 month 13 days. EMA has stopped growing any taller but GG is still growing. So should I increase the nute dosage or keep everything the same. Do I need to start different nutes for each?


I would keep everything the same right now. At the age that the plants right now I would keep the nutes less than full strength. You can increase them if they look like they are struggling. When you are sure that they have stopped growing and made it through the stretch, then start flowering nutes. I missed timed this and it has affected my yield. If your sure that EMA is through that stage start the flowering nutes.

A seasoned auto grower uses a light schedule close to this: 2 weeks 24/0, 4 weeks 18/6, then 12/12. I will verify tonight but that is what I remember, I have it written down at home. They consistently produce big yields. I know when I switched to 12/12 everything changed. All my plants that I thought had stretched grew over night.

One thing that my grow has taught me is patient. I have learned not to expect to see too much growth and then the next day everything is different. Right now I am amazed at how much the buds change on a daily basis.


I’ve only fed 3 times. 1st 2 feedings @1/4 strength…3rd @1/3 strength. I feed on Fri. I mixed 1tbs molasses 1tsp Epsom salt and give Monday following. Then when they are dry I give water 6.3/6.5 ph. I must in between times. I’m thinking EMA is ready for flower nutes but GG is wayyy off comparing the two.

I am no way close to being seasoned yet but I follow your grow methods and as many others that I can. When I grow up I can grow beauties just like you all!!:hugs::star_struck::hugs::star_struck:lol!!
I didn’t keep my lighting at 24/0 for 2 full weeks but close. After it’s been 18/6 except for the 3 days the timer was jacked with. Its been 8 days since that was fixed. When should I go ahead and switch now or wait on GG? EMA started to flower 2/8. And yes her buds are getting fatter every time I visit but I don’t know how to handle two different strains and their timing in one tent. That wont happen again!!!

I try to be patient. It’s hard sometimes especially when the changes start to happen. Thank you for your words. They will be put to use!!!


Ha!!! Is this another hermie or just a male!! I yanked it!!!
15512833709976036075613377615077|374x500 This crazy weather!! I had this one and another on the porch. They came from a bag of swag. Nothing special. The other one hasn’t even been trans planted yet. They broke ground 1/15. Wanted to see different they would grow from girls inside then the weather got all crazy. Idk it may just be Male. What do you think?


not many roots at all. Is this normal at that age? The soil fell away from roots with a good shake. I can see the tap root.


That is a male. The root ball should correlate to the size of the plant itself. I know nothing about Autos, but if you have photo plants with the autos you should leave light at 18/6 or you will trigger the photo strains to flower. Looking pretty good so far, you have the first one almost down, so remember patience and listen to what the plant says and react to that. Oh yeah welcome top the forum, the best place to learn.


EDIT… cows love it!


Thank you @Holmes. This is my first rodeo so I know not much!! I’m pretty much learning as I go with alot of reading from this place and advise from everyone. It really is cool to be apart of this forum.


@Holmes lol!! One of my EMAs turned out to be a hermie so I was going to plant it by the canal that run through the cow pastures all around me

But it’s so very windy here and I didnt want to take a chance. I got rid of it. :blush::blush:


Yeah I kinda looked this place over before joining and realized if I where going to make it work I needed a place like this. I mean this is a weed that grows perfect around this area on its own outside but indoor is a different animal. the stuff I read here made for a successful first indoor grow, and I messed the second up by being a DA. We will keep at it though til we got it right!


A cow will eat your plant plumb down to the dirt. I was raised on a farm and had it happen too many times. The hermie can still give some decent bud and seeds, but you run the risk of pollination of any plant that is even remotely close or handled after being around the hermie. So be careful with disposal if that is what you do.


Your so right! I’m enjoying this indoor grow. It is a whole new world of growing weed. So much more that can be done with a marijuana plant. I started with autos so I could get a feel for this hobby and it would be fairly easy. Not to mention fast!! I’ve lst both but I’m excited to try my hand at a photo so I can try more training. I have 6 more Early Miss Autos waiting for this grow to finish.


@Bubblehead in what way did you miss time? Waiting too long or not long enough?


After you posted that on your thread o started changing my flower girls tent slowly from 18/6 to eventually 12/12 by Friday. They’re down to 14/ 10 now tomorrow I’ll switch the rest of the way to 12/12. I also want to decrease the tent temp that last couple week to see if I can get some cool colors out of them :grin:
@Angie Your girls look good. Around the same age as my runt cheese autoflower
But yours are much bigger @Bubblehead has given you good advice. :v::green_heart: